Watkins signs in Edmonton

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according to CFLFA14, Patrick Watkins has signed with the Edmonton Eskimos.
Thought he might land in Hamilton with the Orlondo connection. Good thing we got Stewart yesterday.

He had a stronger connection to Chris Jones, who was DC in Toronto last year. Very good signing for the Esks.

He's a guy Jones recruited in the States. That's what Chris Jones brings to the party. Best recruiter in the league on that side of the ball. Will be interesting if they keep Burnett or trade him for some Oline help.

You wonder why the Boatmen would let a guy like that walk. :?

I figured if we didn't get him that the Eskimos would,good pick-up by Edmonton,nice to see them get one......after getting raped and mugged yesterday!!! :smiley: :smiley: 8)