Watkins should get the ball more.

I have noticed in the games that the ALS do very well they get Watkins involved in the game with a lot of comeback routes and short passes.

In the game they struggle AC does not throw to Watkins unless its a really deep one maybe once a game--

I think the ALS need to get Watkins involved more on the comeback routes where he runs the db deep and comes back. AC used to throw this pass to Pat Woodcock when they had him.

I find Watkins is being underused in this offense and the games where AC has tunnel vision he is not spreading the field enough.

Also its good to see that AC and company has learned to use the ENTIRE endzone, with guys like richardson and Green hitting the line at full speed they have figured out to throw the ball deep in the endzone after they beat the Db--

My take on the ALS is that they are good team however I think there weakness is the DEEP pass on Defense and when AC gets rattled on offense. WHen teams rush 3 lineman and keep 9 in coverage it seems to get into AC's head where he has that internal clock in his head and he gets happy feet and escapes the pocket and usually good things don't happen.

I think the ALS have to use Kerry Watkins as much more than a deep home run threat, the games the ALS do well are the ones that AC uses the wideouts and they spread the field.

Watkins should also catch the ball more. He makes great grabs, then drops a pass like its a stick of butter.

Ya man. Ryooon is right. He has his characteristic drop every game. There are too many offensive weapons to focus on one receiver. He will get his balls.......and he does.......he's our leading receiver with over 600 yards in 8 games (not too shabby.....could be better if he took care of his one-a-game-drop habit). Not to worry dudes. :cowboy:

Look at the CFL stats_ Watkins in their best receiver. The idea that Watkins drops a lot of receptions is pure bunk. He does make some drops but that is without significance when we compare this with his skill as a receiver. He is their long receiver par excellance!

No one says he drops 'a lot' of passes. What people are saying, and rightly so, is that he drops at least one important pass per game on most nights. He's dropped TD passes and easy passes that would have kept drives alive. It's a problem he has, and until he corrects it, no one's going to stop talking about it. If he wants to be an elite receiver in this league, he has got to focus and make all the easy catches as well as the difficult ones.

Watkins is indeed the elite receiver for the Als. He is second in number of receptions to Cahoon. But Watkins leads in other categories. His yards per reception is 14.8. His longest reception was 70 yards. He has 5 TD catches, the most by an Al receiver. He has the most yards by an Al receiver [ 600 ]. As noted Watkins leads the Als receivers as mentioned above.This season Watkins made the most sensational reception in the first game of the season when he snagged a long pass with one hand. Last year the Als used Watkins in the end around run which accounted for siginifant yards. Watkins does have some drops. Can you name me an other Als receiver who has not dropped some passes this year? Look at the stats guys, Wakins is the kost productive receiver on the team. I fully agree with the initial post- Watlins should be used more.

I think Cahoon's helmet catch beats Watkins 1 handed catch. I am not saying to not use Watkins, I do think he's one of the best receivers in the league. Cobra said he wants the Als to use him more, I am just saying I want him to drop the ball less, and you can't deny him dropping passes.

If the the game and cup were on the line, I don't know if I'd trust the ball going to Watkins.

None of this has anything to do with Watkins's drops. And he drops more balls than any top-10 receiver in the league. Once in a blue moon, someone like Cahoon will drop a catchable pass. For Watkins, that drop happens once per game. I know -- I've watched every Als game this season and most of the games he's played in over the past few years. It's too bad the CFL doesn't track dropped balls for receivers. If they did, I'm confident I'd be able to demonstrate via stats that Watkins drops more balls than any of our other 'money' receivers.

The one-handed TD catch, while brilliant, makes Watkins's lapses in concentration all the more frustrating. It's not that he has hands of stone. It's that at crucial times, his focus goes away.

Never mind Watkins and Cahoon.
Last season, Richardson was a dominant player...
but this season, he only gets about 35 more yards per game than I do
... and I'm at home sitting on my couch.


I've been wondering a bit about Richardson myself. . . he was so dominant last season. . . this season, we don't seem to be looking his way as often. . . perhaps defences are paying a lot more attention to him. . .

Richardson just hasn't looked right this season. That being said, we don't seem to be scheming enough to utilize his big-play capability, especially on post routes where he can use his height to beat DBs one on one. Calvillo has tried tossing him some balls on corner routes, but hasn't been able to connect. Calvillo's not a great touch passer, so IMO the way to get Richardson the ball on intermediate or deep routes is via post patterns that require a bit less touch and a bit more heat.

On the other hand, all it takes is one big game and bam! Richardson's back. :wink:

A bit off topic. . . but anyone know whatever became of Elijah Thurmon? He played pretty well for us. . . not surprised Richardson supplanted him. . . but rather surprised that no one picked him up this year. . . that injury he had may have ended his career, I guess.

No idea what became of him. That injury must have been pretty bad for no one to pick him up (especially teams like the Argos in desperate need of receiver help). On the other hand, with guys like Flick and Dominguez out of work, it's not that surprising.

I believe Richardson contracted pneumonia and missed out on some preseason stuff. He had a late start this year because of the illness-I would think he will resume his starring position now that healing has occurred!

He had a bad case of Pneumonia and his first game back he couldn't breath. It takes months for the lungs to regain their capacity. He's also double covered all the time and Calvillo is having trouble with the long ball. So it is a combination of things.

Yeah. Pneumonia is a bum deal. Need to recover from the damage to the alveoli (air exchange units in lung). He is young and should have no problem with this. In fact, he has probably fully recovered by now. What is happening as pointed out by many of you, is that he is the focus of attention from the defences we face. Fortunately we have enormous depth on the O and as long as we remain healthy…no worries. :cowboy:

Hey, look at what happens when Watkins gets the ball ... he fumbles.

It's his trademark screw-up per game. Usually this comes as a dropped ball but in this case it was a fumble. That's Watkins. That's all. Cannot be controlled. Just hope that it happens early and has no effect on the outcome. In this case I think it set a precedent because when it happened I had this bad charma feeling. The rest is history. Doom and gloom in "The House of Doom".

I agree. They should just throw to him on the first play of each game, to get it over with 8)

Great plan Ryooon. And hopefully he drops it and its rock on after that. :rockin: