Watkins on 9-game IR

So what gives?
9-game IR for adenoids?
And Richard hinting (with all his might)
That we’ve seen the last of Kerry Watkins.

Has he lost a couple steps?
Did he gain 300 pounds

Just WTH is going on?!?

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this! This is a mini disaster. True, the Als are stacked at receiver, but Watkins is probably the fastest most explosive receiver we have. He was having a great season last year, before he was injured. What gives? And if Bratton becomes his replacement, that would be a serious downgrade.


From Wiki:

Adenoidectomy is the surgical removal of the adenoids. They may be removed for several reasons, including impaired breathing through the nose and chronic infections or earaches. The surgery is common. It is most often done on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. Post-operative pain is generally minimal and prevented with an abundance of icy or cold foods. Spicy foods, such as jalapeños or curries, should be avoided. The procedure can sometimes be combined with a tonsillectomy if needed. [b][i]Recovery time can range from several hours to two or three days [/i][/b](though as age increases so does recovery time).
[i]From this are we to deduce that Watkins is suddenly 20,000 years old[/i] Or is Popp pulling another "Cobourne" on money issues?

Si les Alouettes ne veulent plus de Watkins, il faudra que les autres montrent qu'ils sont meilleurs que lui. De la façon nonchalante dont Rodriguez a joué, je ne comprends pas pourquoi il est toujours avec l'équipe. Ce gars-là va nous faire collectionner les déceptions. J'aurais mis Rodriguez sur la liste des blessés pour 9 parties et à la limite, s'il s'agissait de voir le jeu des autres receveurs, j'aurais mis Watkins sur la liste des blessés pour une partie, quitte à le reporter de partie en partie.

DONC, il y a un problème de plafond salarial à régler et Watkins pourrait être à la fois le problème et la solution pour Popp. Mais Watkins demeure un excellent receveur et il me semble que nous pourrions nous passer de certains avant de nous passer de lui. Ceci pour dire que si Popp a décidé de se départir de Watkins, il en tirerait plus en le faisant jouer, quitte à commettre l'erreur de l'échanger, qu'en le laissant chez lui. À moins que ce ne soit Watkins qui ne veut plus revenir dans l'équipe.

Als are still paying him... If he had not reported or was staying away the Als would have suspended him. He makes good coin so putting him on the nine game saves SMS space for now. No GM has inquired about Watkins and the Als have not shopped him either... He was operated in Montreal so the team has an idea of his health condition...

Not sure why people are getting on the hysteria Express.

Just heard Jim Popp give his explanation to CJAD:

[url=http://www.cjad.com/blog/AlouettesNews/blogentry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10254794]http://www.cjad.com/blog/AlouettesNews/ ... D=10254794[/url]

Watkins couldn't train in the off-season because of his adenoids?
Hence he's out of shape and we don't want him to get injured?

Yes we're all idiots and will buy just about anything
How much you want to bet that if Bowling and London hadn't had such a good camp
Watkins and his adenoids would be playing against BC this week?

Just once I'd love to hear Popp say something like:
"Well...you know this is a business...and in business there's no loyalty.
Sure Kerry's been a perennial 1000 yard performer for us.
But...like Avon...he ain't gettin any younger...he didn't crack 1000 yards last year
So we feel it's our right to jerk him around"

In all it's ugliness

Hystériques, non. Mais la situation a de quoi susciter de sérieuses interrogations. Une ablation des adénoïdes ne nécessite pas une longue convalescence, ce qui veut dire qu'il y a autre chose qui fait que Watkins n'est pas sur le terrain.

All along,during the off-season,I wrote that we could not afford Green,Richardson and Watkins whose salaries were no less than $420,000 and as much as $450,000; we could have kept the 3,but we/Jim would have basically no flexibility -$$- in case of injuries. With the positive results of other receivers,during training camp and pre-season games.he knew that he could do without Watkins.

Baker and London are probably making less than Watkins. Whitaker and Marc are not making much more than Cobourne would have make. Much $$$$ in savings and,personnally, I don't expect the on-field results to suffer.

Cahoon,Cobourne and Watkins have been replaced by players making much less; the results will not decrease accordingly.

With a max.cap of $4.3 millions, we have to realize that,in many circumstances, $$$ dictate the decisions; you always have to make sure that the "product" will remain competitive,otherwise you are in trouble.

I,personnally, totally agree with the decisions made.


You beeiatch when Jim keeps quiet, you beeiatch when he provides a logical explanation, you beeiatch when your players don't play, you beeiatch when they do play....

See where I am getting at ? :smiley: To top it off , you have no proof to backup anything your stating here. The guy is still getting his full salary which goes against everything you are stating.

We don't know if it was adnoids ? Could be a cover story , Is there infection ? We don't know. All we know is he is in Montreal, he can't pass his physical so they are putting him on the nine game list, it does not mean he will be there nine games, it just means we are saving SMS money and a roster spot for now.


Rodriguez ne sera pas avec les Alouettes pour longtemps; il était légèrement blessé et,étant donné qu'on ne peut libérer un vétéran blessé,sans le payer pour son absence prévue,d'où la décision de le placer sur liste des blessés pour 1 match. Pourquoi le payer pour 9 matchs? Il n'est pas dans les plans futurs.


Aaaaaand the conspiracy theories start, yet again. :lol:

No way to know what's going with Watkins and no GM would tip his hand to the media if there was more going on than met the eye. For now, Watkins is out for 9 games, and he's still getting paid. Nobody is being jerked around. Let's all take a deep breath.

I'm so tired of people hiding this bull under "the cap"
None of you know exactly where this team stands....cap-wise
But whenever they Popp-n-stuff pulls a "Cobourne"
You're willing to bury it under the "cap" and let it slide.

This blind faith or unconditional love seem entirely unsuited to the implicit purpose of a forum such as this:
Put another way:
This is supposed to be a forum for the expression of individual opinions
Not the mindless regurgitation of the Alouettes management point of view.

I don't buy the cap argument
You make room under the cap for your best players
That's what good GM's do
Taylor, Owens, Hawkins, Cobourne, Watkins...
Nice nucleus of a team you could start with such players
Wonder what the Argos would do with a receiver like Kerry Watkins?

I remember a British Lord who was interviewed upon his retirement...lamenting the foolish and commonly held thought that believing in conspiracies was considered wrong and misguided...and an excuse for ridicule. "I've been in government for over 40 years," he quipped. "I can guarantee you that conspiracies are everywhere."

So while most have been duped into self-censoring a primal instinct that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark"
The rest of us shake our heads at how easily the human mind is "fleeced"
And how...in the end...we all suffer for it!!!

Nobody is being jerked around
Excuse me if I want to see the best players on my team [i]actually[/i] playing I don't give a rat's adenoid about the money

Your telling me we could afford Cahoon, Watkins, Green and Richardson but now with Duval, Cahoon and Cobourne gone we can't ? Doesn't hold up.

OK...what I'm getting at...since you lack the powers of deduction:
Popp and the Alouettes are hedging their bets
As Richard states: if the Als can get what Watkins does (or a reasonable facsimile thereof)
They can release/trade Watkins...and Bowling/London/Baker is sure to be the cheaper option

As things stand....sure Watkins gets paid...off the cap
But the Alouettes' chances are reduced while they "fudge" with money

Maybe I can put it in a way even you can understand:
A bird in the hand....is worth three in the bush (leagues)

And that....boys and girls...is why accountants make lousy football players.

Green signed a new contract, didn't he? He's probably getting paid more cash. Then throw in Anderson not coming cheap and Bekasiak and McElveen both getting raises and there might not be as much cap floating around as one would think.

Also, the issue isn't whether we absolutely can afford to pay all these receivers under the cap. The issue is whether it's wise to sink so much cap into one position when the team clearly has needs elsewhere (DT, DB).

Cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap

Speaking of "beotch-ing"
I wouldn't be surprised if the virulent vendetta against Herb
Was partly responsible for his very public act of self-abasement
In his Popp-is-a-juggling-genius article

Juggling genius my adenoids
Oooops...there goes our running back
Rats...there goes our #1 receiver

Also, the issue isn't whether we absolutely can afford to pay all these receivers under the cap. The issue is whether it's wise to sink so much cap into one position when the team clearly has needs elsewhere (DT, DB)
Wrong again....mon capitaine The issue is why our GM has to "dis" our star starters to free up money to fill those spots Rather than do his job and go out to find some fresh talent [i]That's[/i] how Jim Popp cut his teeth Have they gone dull all-of-a-sudden?

Or is word starting to get out
From players like Hawkins and Cobourne
Come to Montreal
But Beware the Ides of March

HfxTC wrote: "doesn't hold up that we can't afford Watkins,Green and Richardson

Last season,Green was basically making $60,000 or less; this year closer to $150,000.
Duval gone; yes but DeAngelis not making much less. Whyte received a $20,000 signing bonus
Then,we signed Anderson at $130,000 or so; Guzman and Brown who were making closer to $60,000 or so,received huge increases. Ditto for Bekasiak and Cox. We signed free agent Kitwana Jones. Increase to Bowman. Extension to McPherson and possibly an increase. Good reasons why it holds up.