Watkins gone?

OK, it's only a Herb rumor so far:

[url=http://communities.canada.com/MONTREALGAZETTE/blogs/thesnap/archive/2008/04/08/watkins-on-trade-block.aspx]http://communities.canada.com/MONTREALG ... block.aspx[/url]

But still, why would the Als even consider trading Watkins? He is a proven receiver. He can even be a deep threat in a decent offensive system. He is still young, and he will be a great receiver for at least 5 years (maybe more). He is also a classy individual.

Last season I saw a glimpse of what kind of man Kerry Watkins is. RDS films most, if not all of the Al's practices. During a practice, Chip Cox called Kerry out; he told Kerry, "catch the ball Nword" Cox repeated the phrase 2 or 3 times. I hate it when people use that word. Even if they are black. Anyway, Kerry took the high road. he said nothing, and did nothing. All the while, Cox kept calling him a "n".
The next game, Watkins got over 170 receiving yards...

I like Kerry. he is a great player, and a great man. He is a silent leader. A guy who leads by example.

Popp is not going to trade Watkins. No matter what Watkins wants or tells his buddy Herb

Gee I wouldn't be so definite about it. If the right offer came along I'm sure Popp would trade Watkins.....heck if the right offer comes along, anyone is liable to be traded.

I don't hate Watkins, but I don't think he's a star either. Adequate I suppose, but has a bad penchant for getting the dropsies at the worst times. We've signed Jamel Richardson and have a couple of other young receivers in camp; if some team offers Popp a good pash rushing DE or a solid O lineman, it would not surprise me in the least if a deal gets done.

Watkins can be absolutely brilliant with the ball. Sometimes he is impossible to take down, but like Madjack said, sometimes he has the habit of dropping the ball.

I like Watkins, he was our only deep threat for a while. I'd hate to see him go. I feel we have other positions that are overloaded, and we can trade for O-Line or D-Linemen.

I believe every player has a value and would be up for trade if his club believe it would be getting more value. I rember Etcheverry being traded fot Faloney of Hamilton. Then Hal Patterson was traded, also by the Als, for Don Pauqette. Etcheverry went to the NFL and Patterson had stellar years with the Ti Cats. The next ten years were a disaster for the Als as they never recovered from this traed.

I agree with you guys. I was just explaining myself poorly. I meant to say, I don't believe Jim Popp has any INTENTIONS of trading Watkins. The guy is a top five receiver in the league, he works hard, has his personal life in order, tries to lead by example and the other premier reciever on this team is retiring after this year.

I think Herb's contact cough, cough Marcel...is stirring the pot...