Watkins drop

I just thought I'd mention it even if it would of gotten called back.... It was brutal, do you think he knew it was coming back or did he accidently drop it? It looked like it was an accident but man.... I just thought... what an idiot man..... lol.. he's still a great reciever but I couldn't believe he dropped it!! he was soooooo wide open!!

What about the Esks double drop on the interception at the end of the fourth quarter that would have ended the game?

Its a good thing it was called back because he would not be able to show his face in montreal

lol, good point roughyfan... but i don't think that was as bad as watkins' drop Either way, I bet brady was kicking himself for dropping it...

I agree... that was just as bad.

Oh well. It just added to the overall drama, didn't it?


You're right ro1313. Watkins is probably the happiest player on the Montreal team right now. If that hadn't been called back...

I would hate to be Watkins right now.

forward pass * 2 = -10 yards