Watford for president

Better than him, I guess.

Watford ran a ton of the time. Mostly 3 to 6 yd gains, but gains nonetheless and that makes a big difference when you're 2nd & 4 or 2nd & 6; don't have to toss very far downfield to get a fresh set of downs. Condell's gameplan was pretty darn good if i do say so myself.


He did that with Masoli in the playoffs a few years back .

It gives the QB and offence so much more to work with and stay on the field . Keeps the defence from pinning their ears back .

I also like that he knows enough to let new or newer Qb's rely on high percentage plays , better running game and the QB's legs to keep moving the sticks .

Impressed with Condell with breaking in QB's .

Collaros has said that Condel has been his favorite most knowledgeable coach in his career.

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I think his game plan is a comment on how bad the o line is.he didnt let Watford drop back and throw.we dont know if he can quarterback.youneed points from the d to win those games

I wonder if that includes the 0 and 8 season or the 0 and 12 streak. Or was that when Condell jumped ship for Toronto?

yes it was when Condell quit

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"Personal issues"