Watford for president

Trade soli and Evan's for draft picks.just keep the kicker



President of what?

Hamilton? We'll help you get him in there but it won't be easy.
We may have to 'pretend' our way in. :thinking:

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Oh boy

See you Sunday for the buffe



We're Canadians. We don't have presidents, We have a Prime Minister.

"Watford For Prime Minister" There, fixed it for you.

BTW, Don't forget to Vote

Teams now have film on Watford. His era is over.


He was rock solid! Excellent game management. Didn't try to force things.

Watford IS President!


President of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, obviously. It might be difficult for him to be the starting quarterback at the same time though

And Watford will get better with more game experience.

No doubt film makes a difference, but so to do first team reps in practice. That was an ideal back-up performance - don't make big mistakes.

There is nothing like on the job learning....like my old high school math teacher...Mr. Braken... used to say...."experience is the best teacher".....

I was impressed by both Watford's AND Condell's game last night.
Sometimes, all you have to do is NOT poop the bed, and the team will win.
Watford wasn't asked to throw anything past 15-yards that often, didn't turn the ball over, they ran 30 run plays compared to 22 pass plays, protected the football, and ate up time on the clock.
Both my wife and I were amazed at the pace of the game - it was barely an hour old at the 3-minute warning of the first half.

With an expanded play book, and last night's experience he may evolve into Starter 'C'.
Evans evolved...

I think everyone on this team did their jobs and played a good team game to win with the players that they have because of the injuries.
yes we always want more offence but lets face it even if / when the cats win greycup, someone will still have a problem with it.
I have watched football starting back in the Bernie Falony days ,Mosca and Henley era, and just seeing good defense . So I enjoy seeing a good defensive display and this team put on a show tonite.

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Amazing what can happen when a team has no turnovers and very few penalties. I guess I might be in the minority here but this was the worst CFL game I have watched in a long time. Just a rumbling mess imo.

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:sunglasses: Well now the big question is, will Coach O give Masoli as much time off as he can, and let Watford start on Wednesday night in Ottawa ?????

At this point in time, I sure would !!

Maybe tap him as the starter, but if Masoli is ready, Iā€™d be inclined to give him some playing time, get back on the horse.