Watershed game vs. Argos Friday

Bombers going after an unprecedented 3rd straight win at BMO.

Coming off an absolute slaughter of a tepid Hamilton squad in lightning delayed IGF.

While bombers were full money in first half they basically rested on their big lead laurels in 2nd half. Their defense prevented Hamilton from starting an uprising.

Can Nichols retain his surprisingly effective form?

Do the backups bombers have at WR and DB maintain their in-game efficiency?

Can Milanovich find a cure for his team's mediocre play this season?

If Bombers win and especially in a decisive way to go 4-4 I can easily see them challenging for 2nd in west and a home playoff berth.

If Toronto manages to slaughter the bombers, bomber confidence will be sucked out of the team. They will re-set as a team in the mix for 3rd in West or possible crossover.

Should be an interesting nite at BMO :cowboy:

.....Have to agree Lyle..this one could be the game where we REALLY 'turn the corner'...I still need convincing that recent success is a harbinger of good things to come... We'll see..We seem to be relatively healthy going into this one and a win here, with a bye close at hand, could really set up the rest of the season.. Argos haven't been largely successful this year and with Ray on the sidelines, I think we have a good shot....Nichols is the key once again...I like his quick release and it seems the team has really galvanized behind him...Can we pull it off Fri...hopefully and I know we'll certainly be giving it a 100 percent...I think the players smell something here...No not the BIG SMOKE, but a playoff possibility...

Pretty sure Milanovich has the book on Nichols - ie. play off the receivers a bit and jump any routes in the 10 to 20 yd range. Nichols might only have those Drew Willy specials left - ie. 3 to 6 yd curls and dumps.

Still not convinced Michael O'Shea is a legit CFL head coach. Obvious problems in creating solid repeatable systems that generate wins. O'Shea might need this one to get himself over as a believable head coach - not a guy who's coming closer to Wade Miller's guillotine.

Argos don't have Ray but bombers missing a slew of players. Any word on whether Hardrick is good to go? Dressler and/or Smith (the smurf brothers) would be really valuable as quality short pass WRs with yac yard possibilities against a typical argo d.

If bombers lose any O or D linemen to injury there depth will be sorely tested.

....No word on Hardrick yet...He was doing a good job on the O line then he got nic'd...How bad??? Nobody is saying....Dress and Smith would be nice but the only one close is Smith and that's not a for certain.....Run Harris...run Harris and then run Harris...it'll keep their D honest..I have reservations about Mike O as well...Seemed to be a little too close to the players and running things like a country club ain't gonna get it done...I hope he proves me wrong and keeps the ball rolling..He can lose the 'sniffin' b.s. and start acting like a head coach...not like the 'one of the guys' routine he seems to portray...Will it improve his performance? ....maybe not but his image would get a lift..

Bomber brain-trust must be startin' to learn lessons in ultimate secrecy from Winnipeg Jets Kevin Chevyldayoff - who never says nothing!
1 thing I've learned is when injuries are super-secretive the general idea is they're more serious than frivolous. When Dressler was injured for the second time - he tried to shake it off on the sidelines and threatened to play the 2nd half - then he was 6-gamed.
Willy could prolly be 6-gamed but slow-learnin' doesn't qualify!

As for Mike O'Sniff..... the jury is really out. He seems to have fooled the rest of the country into believing he's a semi-competent head man. However within city limits I'd reckon its 50/50. 50% still holdin' out hope and the other half believin' there's something seriously wrong!

With his approx. .333 career winning percentage I'd like to see what happens if the TSN panel went after him like they went after Burris. O'Shea's advantage is he plays the humble + stoic simple man and he's kinda friends with Dunigan, Schultzie and Jockstrap - and since Milt is embroiled in his own private war with Hank its doubtful he'd get repulsive on O'Shea.

Groan. O'Shea's had people calling him all sorts of stuff since early last season and calling for his head on a stake. How would he handle it if the TS panel went after him? The same way he's handled it all this time - class, takes it in stride, and shows up to work the next morning working to get better. He hasn't been given any breaks by the panel, especially "jockstrap" since Jock Climie absolutely hates the Bombers organization and vomits in his mouth if he tries to say anything nice about the blue and gold. O'Shea'll defend his guys on the field and take any lumps directed at himself. No worries there. People will defend Hank, and fair enough because I'll agree he's had a really good career. However to rant about how good you are when you just come off the field after two sack fumbles that you were lucky to have your own team recover, you sound idiotic IMO.

Agreed about O'Shea handling repugnant fans, local media and call-ins.

He's survived on the basis of his stoic demeanour and ability to engage folks in his long-winded and sometimes nonsensical answers.

The players like him and management puts up with him cuz they feel they're close to a breakthrough. Its certainly not his putrid record as a hc, is it?

He's the anti Mike Kelly, the inverse Jeff Reinbold and a far more durable and mentally strong Tim Burke.

That and fiddy cents gets you half a cup o coffee!

For a guy schooled in Canadian football, special teams and CFL officiating he should have a better handle on in-game coaching and half-time adjustments. So far its been more of the same - and it took him long enough to pull the trigger on Willy. I actually thought O'Shea might have stubborned it out for 6 games, not 4. But then again someone else might have influenced his decision.

.....With regard to our head coach, I believe he was finally cornered with the Willy thing by wadzilla (sorry Lyle borrowed that one)...I don't believe the local scribes, when they eluded to the fairy tale that Mikey made the decision to go with Nichols...Pulling Willy (don't touch that one) was a directive from above after they could see that this plane was going to ditch, if it continued...I think O'Shea was dragged kicking and screaming and finally agreed...That is a problem with this coach...he cannot/will not vary from the course he has set in his mind... He has to be more accepting of change if that what's required....Maybe he'll learn....maybe he won't...for his own future...he better. :wink:

I suspect O'Shea would prefer going down with the ship vs. making hard decisions, cutting guys loose and making the odd enemy. Yes, he prolly got a full dose of Wadzilla to bring Nichols into play - and he received a gift from god when Pat Neufeld got himself damaged up (for about the 901st time) to get Latifah Bond onto the oline. You could see O'Shea was gonna be a stubborn old coot right from the get-go. If he can win 2, probably 3 more in a row - he'll confront Wadzilla bout a contract extension. Wonder what Wad does when that happens?

…Cross that bridge I guess Lyle…Mike O is going to be strutting like a peacock into Wades office, IF he chalks up 3 more wins , singing the ol extend me forever song…Crunch time for Miller…Will a few wins get it done… If held up to his overall record as Bomber head honcho, will it wash??..HMMMMM…tough call but if the brain trust thinks this team is headed for bigger things under O’Sheas direction…I’m betting Mikey walks out of wads office with a big grin…and all will be well in river city…for the time being…Fans of this team have the patience of a saint…good thing too.

Yes, papa - if O'Shea wins 3 out of his next 4 games his agent (and wife, too) will tell him to find Wadzilla climbing into his upper rafters office and confront him about an extension.
O'Shea will wave an amazing .350 winning percentage (about that if he wins his next 3) for a 3 year extension.
Frankly, if I were Wad I would tell him to show me what he can do in the back half of the season and takes my chances. (credit: Popeye)
If the bombers sew up a playoff spot by Week 16 then offer the guy a 2 year extension at slightly larger pay packet.
If the bombers are 6-10 by week 16, run out the season and give Mike a pink slip and a free carton of smelling salts.
If O'Shea gets fired here - I don't like his chances of head coaching again.
If he makes playoffs and even wins a first-round game - he can probably write his own ticket (or compete for the Montreal job with Orlondo, Noel Thorpe & BennyVDs)

Exactly Papa. :thup: ....That's my problem with him. He won't change anything even if he CAN see the writing on the wall. Wait, maybe the problem is that he can't see the writing or the wall. If so, he will never be HC material.... 2nd problem; his snarky, smug, condescending attitude with the media. You don't talk to the media like they are all idiots, because YOU are the HC. Especially not with the record he has..............I found myself not waiting for the team to turn the corner, but waiting for O'Shea to !!.. Not good.

O'Shea seems to have set a course of redundant stubbornness that he sees as a virtue rather than a problem. Its a product of a closed mind immo.

He has however, successfully worn down a timid and weak Winnipeg football media to the point they can't bear to ask him more questions. Kyle Walters and Wadzilla are in contention for the coveted Claude Rains award so O'Shea (and to a rather limited extend PLOP and Wylie) are left to be media representatives of the team.

I can't see how another organization would see a stoic and closed-minded guy as head coaching material - so he better grab himself a passel of wins.

Miller has to be concerned the new PC govt. will remove his tentacle into their financial orifice the next time he goes on the beg.

So the carnival continues.

PS. One thing I notice about O'Shea with media is he's always available and always answers questions despite being redundantly deflective and obtuse. He's snarky and smug but always polite. They like that in Winnipeg. Mike Kelly and his obnoxious personality had lynch mobs forming daily, even hourly. O'Shea is just a polite but bad coach.

.....I don't know whether O'Shea will get an extension or not but I do know one thing...(o.k. maybe a couple of other things)..Past experience has told me that the successful coaches in this league have learned a lot from past failure and mistakes...IF Mike O has started down the road of football enlightenment (too early to tell), then he might just get that new contract....If he and the team revert back to the same old trash and this team starts a slide, I think the writing will be on the wall for all to see...fans and management alike... and the inevitable will happen....one way or the other. :wink:

Both D'S coming up big.Fog redeems himself.

Kilgore couldn't see past the Fogg. OK, enough puns.

It's easy to see this team is new. They still make mistakes and let the opponent back in to the game, but they do something different, this team, they play with HEART and DESIRE. That's all I can ever ask... I honestly think we have a great one-two punch in Willy and Nichols. As soon as Nichols falters for a quarter or two, insert Willy. There always seem to be QBs who thrive coming off the bench, maybe we have two of them ?.. If Davis and Adams ever start catching balls, we have a contender... I still can't give much credit to MOS for this turn around, although he did get quite animated in last night's game. I like the stoic approach but only if you have something to be stoic about. Usually that comes with age.. A spark of anger OR elation can go a long way to motivate players.

I like the attitude of this team, something we haven't seen in a while. Losing is so much easier to take when HEART and DESIRE are present.

....So ..do we give Mikey an extension???..lol...NOT my favourite coach of all time (understatement) but his record is improving...We'll have to think about that one....

...Great game...Denmark and the dbs', Fogg in particular stole the show..I get more impressed with Nichols every time out,,,Nothing glitzy, he just get's it done...Started slow and I got a little uneasy but he slowly put it all together and the argos suffered the consequences...Can't give the D enough credit...Bye week and a whole lot of players coming off the injury reserve....hmmmmmm I likey. :thup:

Finally finding the right mix of players, the physical play is especially nice to see.

And on that note, I think the players coming back off injury should have to earn their spot on the team. The guys filling in have been the ones winning the games.

....True enough Dan.....we are going to have to make some tough decisions...Seems we might have a little depth but you can't keep everyone happy...Nice prob. to have though.