Waterloo football suspended for 1 year

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Entire football program suspended due to steroid scandal. I would say its safe to assume a number of players tested positve after the arrest in order for this harsh of suspension.

Nine players tested positive. It truly is a shame for those players who's tests came back negative.

It really is a sad time… I feel the punishment is too harsh, how can 53 players test clean and have to miss an entire season?? the university of waterloo told its players it was setting an example… set your example but do it the best way… suspending 53 kids(some who cant play there final year of CIS and have a good chance of there cfl dream thrown out the window) who showed up,trained hard and overall busted there tails off to get where they are is wrong! how are the 53 kids supposed to learn from this when they never made a mistake in the first place! punish the 9 that broke rules not the 53 that did the right things

It is very sad. I feel sorry for those who did not take part and had no knowledge of what was happening. It really is too bad. I can only assume that the school is trying to set an example not only for those who did it, but for those who knew about it and didn't speak up. I agree that a strong message needed to be sent. I also agree that this message may have been a little too strong.

I wonder if the guys who were "clean" can transfer to other schools without having to sit out a year. I think that is the rules as they stand now. Can't say I agree with the punishment meted out, have never seen the reasoning for blaming everyone in a given group for the mistakes of just a few.

Im with you on this, I think its a joke that they would cancel the season.

Even if CIS changed the rules to let these other players switch teams it would be pretty hard for them. The season starts pretty soon and they would need to switch there programs find a new place to stay...

They had to cancel because the entire coaching staff was placed on administrative leave.

I think we can expect to see other schools investigating, this could get ugly.

they didn’t need to do that tho.

Makaveli, you are probably right, difficult time to transfer. Maybe for some of the better players, seniors, who might have a shot at the Pros, the schools and coaching staff might be able to pull a few strings and get them settled in. Improve their own teams and not ruin the dreams of some of the players. Hopefully so.

Quite a blow to coach Dennis McPhee’s football aspirations. Tsk.

Other tidbits according to Frontenac…

MacMaster and Guelph have done some random testing but no positives :thup:

The nine players are actually suspended for 2 years and one is under criminal investigation.

This is a very similar situation to what happened at McGill following the Hazing complaints.

I imagine much of this case everyone knew what was going on. I've played sports and know a quite of few guys who have played at very high levels. It has always been pretty common knowledge who has or is using steroids on your team and even in the leaugue. I mean guys coming back to school 20-30lbs heavier and all muscle or guys gaining 20lbs during the season it is usually easy to spot. I won't speculate this is the case here because I wasn't in the change room, but just how witnessed things in the past.

And for coaches and trainers to claim ignorance is exceedingly dubious.

Fully agree which is why I don't think this is overly harsh punishment. Since he was a team member who was distributing it more then likely each player was approached. With a member being involved it would be hard to believe that this wasn't common knowledge on the team. I mean realistically there is a lot of friends on a team and if the source didn't approach you a fellow member of the team likely did with hey you know so and so has this. This makes the school look bad andthe football program look bad anyone who thinks there is innocent guys being punished for being clean and not know is silly. Sure they go clean guys but the fact is this went on and not one person mentioned anything. If you honestly think the source hit 9 members and they said yes and everyone was quiet your kidding yourself. Team leadership should have stepped up with it was a coach a captain etc and put an end to it. If it was guys who werent even dressing as one player suggested what was there to be scared of,

What's the "Tsk" suppose to mean?

Dare I ask.

Living in Waterloo, I feel a blow to the community. Yet, the university is world renowned for academics not athletics and I suspect they are not about to let a few 'roid boys bring embarrassment to the school.

Now there's no excuse for not cheering for Laurier.

It's a shame really, I just don't know what to say about this. If this is the state of Canadian university football and or all varsity athletics, and not saying it is, hopefully not, then just make it like the US and allow athletes into university who basically have a hard time spelling their name but can run and jump like wild animals. Really. :?

I don't think so, Earl. I suppose your idea would be the easiest way out of this dilemma, but
I really believe that its time for some positive action on performance enhancing drugs. Kudos to Waterloo University
for taking such action.
I feel terrible for the inocents that lose out on a football program this year, but I think this action sends a message to
ALL university students in the country that drugs and sports together will not be tolerated.
I'd like to see all professional sport, as well, send the message that if you're caught, you're gone!