Waterfront stadium linked to transit plan

The Hamilton Spectator

February 21, 2009 Rob Faulkner


David Adames wasn't clear on parking for the stadium.

City Manager Chris Murray says

"As for parking, a stadium may provide a "golden opportunity" to merge the parking needs of the waterfront with stadium plans.

He also suggests possible shuttles from downtown parking to the site.

The Pan Am Games West Harbour location will get our rapid transit,
North End GO Train service and VIA Rail [?] underway more quickly.

See below.

Jagoda Pike, Toronto 2015 bid CEO,

sees the bid as tying into the province's broader plans.

"We hope the Pan Ams speed up all kinds of things,
whether it's transit or other developments.

This kind of a deadline could stimulate all kinds
of activity we may not have seen without it."

Metrolinx chair Rob MacIsaac adds:

"My view is that, if all goes well with the Pan Am Games,
it is appropriate, in developing both routing and priorities,

for Metrolinx to take that into account.

Going forward in doing a business case analysis for Hamilton projects,
one factor we would look at is the Pan Am Games factor."

whos paying for that?

My guess, Ontario taxpayers.

I don't mind paying for this, it was the +500 million $ for the ACC which then was sold to the private sector for something like $50,000,000. We got shafted/------- for $450,000,000. In Toronto. This was the lemon juice in the paper cut.

Merlin, I thought MLSE paid everything up front for the ACC? And of course they should with everyone knowing the Leafs are a license to print money and makes loads of it, over and over... And never was built for any amateur athletics in mind.

Look up Metrolinx.