Water Stations

I attended a soccer game during the Pan Am games and there were water stations available to use once inside the stadium. We were allowed to bring in empty clear water containers.
Does anyone know if the water stations will still be available for our home games. I can't drink alcohol and don't want to pay $3.50 for a bottle of 10 cent water :smiley:.

you will pay and like it Lenny !

its a great idea though but I imagine the station were only for the Panam fans. Need to make a good impression and all.

What about Sprite, Coke, them Lemon drinks or juice etc?

Hey Lenny,

Looking at the prohibited items list here:


It does not mention that empty plastic water bottles are prohibited, so I would assume they aren't. Whether they'll have water stations available is another question however. Perhaps if you called the team @ 905-547-CATS (2287), they could let you know. If you do, please let us know the result.


The water stations were there because the city didnt have enough time to install permanent water fountains. The contractor finished the stadium and the keys went right to the pan ams.

By the end of the summer there should be water fountains installed. (Or maybe they do it over the winter). The city responded to complaints last year that there were no water fountains on the concourse levels. They werent part of the original design and the city decided to foot the bill and install them themselves.

From the Cats account manager.

"As far as I know, the City is responsible for installing water stations. I am not sure when their plan is to have this complete.
If I hear of any other details, I will let you know

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club"

Why not just leave what was there for Pan Am's?

If I wanted sugar, I'd ask for sugar. These are all unhealthy alternatives. Won't feed these to my grand kids even though I drank my share as a kid. We all know a lot more about the effects of sugar and additives in food than when we were young. Why risk it? If a bottle of water was a buck (they'd still make a huge profit) then no question, but at $3.50 it's as bad as a $10 can of beer.
Just my opinion of the outrageous cost of food at THF . And I know it's the same elsewhere, but still outrageous.

Do you make sure your grand kids wear their hypo allergenic bubble before they step foot outside too? lol

everything in monderation.

a soda or juice once in a while won't kill you, at least not as fast as breathing that THF air in the east end indsustrial sector.....

It would be hard to imagine 20 years ago if we talked about water at a Tiger-Cat home game as being a major Dilemma but in today's world the water bottle at a buck more draws so much attention?

Just take a sip from the fountain that the city of Hamilton supplies, it's fresh and clean and right of the Bay, Umm and hardy too, full of metals!!! (Don't go near any magnets though)


Yea....... :thup: if you don't like sugar there is pop like Fresca - ZERO calories, no sugar.
I think most of us as kids drank or ate things that were bad for us but we grew up okay. We rode our bikes with no helmets, stayed outside with no sun screen on, played sports with no adult supervision, played with toy guns, cowboys and Indians, war....... :roll: Every kid looked forward to Christmas.
Now we are grown up we are denying our kids and grandkids what we enjoyed !!

Who would have thought that 20 to 25 years ago that you could put water in a plastic bottle and actually sell it.

Come on guys support the Ticats they need the revenue - buy beer, pop and food at the stadium - it's only 9 times a year

Sugary drinks are not the best thirst quenchers. Plain, simple cold water is about the best. There should be some healthy drinks for children and those who choose not to or cannot consume those products.

I can drink pop, but choose not to because of the calories and that it's largely ineffective on a warm day. I have gone to beer, but since I need to drive back to Mississauga after the game, do so with caution.

I would like to fully support the team.

I also have to give greater consideration to the circumstances and conditions.

I agree with Old fan here. We've come a long way from the old days in regard to our knowledge on re-hydrating and a good source of water for large crowds on a hot day is not only an improvement on your gameday experience, but a health concern as well. Thats why they were made available at the Pan Ams. It's only 2 or 3 games till the weather cools off.

yes and there is plenty of water available for purchase at the concession stands.

and once the city installs water fountains there will be water there.

Sorry but I have no faith in the concession providers. Have you not experienced running out of bottled water on hot days and coffee or hot chocolate on cold days? They seem to have a hard time grasping this. And no excuses about crowd size, temporary access, etc. How hard is it to have twice as much bottled water on hand. Does not go bad for a very, very long time.

And the support argument is laughable. How many of you have had 4 season's tickets for 39 years? I was one of the "privileged" 2000 STH's that existed in their dark days, so me not wanting to spend money on pricey concessions should not highlight me as non sopportive.

Didn't mean to start such a cuffufle over drinking water and my personal choice for a healthy alternative to beer, pop, etc. :lol:

Hey Lenny: some people enjoy “ribbing” other people to get a rise from them (especially on the internet). I don’t think most had any ill or malicious intent when doing this - karma will tell, of course.

Good on you for supporting our team through thick and thin. You and I obviously share the same passion for the Cats. I just haven’t been as faithful as you over the years. I hope I am correcting that as we speak, now, and in the future.



And I might add 3.50 for a bottle of water on a hot day is extortion not team support.

Went to Blue Jay game today...my family were able to bring in bottled water (500 ml) without issue. I thought the water stations were a great idea and should be continued. With families on a fixed income who whould like to attend a game, the water stations are a great solution to the over priced drinks.

Hopefully the friendly water stations remain and are not replaced by "unfriendly" water fountains.

Great post , why waste your time waiting in a lineup for WATER !? It could take a half hour and they could run out ! :lol:

West side ran out of COLD water 25 minutes before kickoff. Air temperature only.

As long as the re-fill stations are there, I'll be bringing in my own empty bottle. I'm fine with that.

Water station available this past game. I saw one set up on the north west concourse level.
Don't know if it was the Cats or the city.... But thank you!!