Water Girl

Does anyone know who i would email to apply and send a resume to to be a Ticats Water Girl.

What prerequisites are needed to be a water girl, I know a few girls who might like to compete for the position and, shall I say, appear to me to be talented from what I can see. :lol:

I'd be interested in applying for that too. :wink:

Is there room for a ‘Gatorade Guy’?

Alot Times they use local Kids like Dillon..

Dillon at his Young age is already Becoming a Hamilton Icon..

Working with Ticats Bulldogs mac and the Endzone.

3 Cheers for Dillon the Hardest Working kid in Hamilton

I hope you handle your water better than your beer!!!

Does this Dillon character get paid for working with the Ticats, Bulldogs, and Mac, or is all volunteer?


doubt i think it started out as a daycare for him and they decided to make him work? if its the kid i think it is.

He is all volunteer :thup:

back in the 90,s my step son who was around 12 yrs. and his freinds started hanging around the stadium at practices, this lead to a couple of them becomeing water boys and one even got to travel with the team, ozzie even gave him a CFLregulation heavy dutie kicking tee, (wich was stolen-athother storie)-But i dont know if you can get into practices anymore ? good luck

thanks for the 3 cheer's onknight,i just enjoy and love doing what i do most, weather its bulldogs ticats or mcmaster football .

Hey B.G. You can't hand out water from the top of the table... you know that right????

How long has it been since you've posted and this is all you got?? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

F-G you know I don't drink.

Hello Dillon.

I didn't know you had changed your name to pottingerfan. Glad to see you back here.


how do you know?

maybe earl saw them JuGling the water bottles?

Dyl's all volunteer. Never met a better kid, other then myself (jks, I know I'd take heat for that from JaG, BG, etc).

How many volunteer hours would you say you've done buddy?

thats a tough one to answer miller91,i think i've done alot of hours through.