Watching the game

Only cause i said i many TiCat fans watched the game
with other TiCat fans who were cheering for the blue team?
I find that against the rules of being a real fan of the TiCats!
It was really unimaginable to see people wearing the balck and gold
cheering for the arblows.
I do say this tongue in cheek, but how many others went through this?

I rooted for the KG led Stamps... sadly, once again I was disappointed.....

Me too and in my section there were a ton of Cats fans doing the same thing. With the pick six early on, I knew what Kevin Glenn came to play.

Yup. I was really cheering for Glenn but it was obvious early on that he was shaky. Calgary's only hope then was to establish the run game but Cornish got stuffed on most plays and Toronto's defense dominated.

How come it seems like every team I cheer for always loses!? Hmmmm...... lets go Argos lets go.. next year of course, then maybe the Cats will win.

I know what you mean and I feel your pain. For me...I cheer for the Habs, Marauders, Bull Dogs. See? Hell....this past MLB season I made a bet that the Cards would beat the Tigers in the World Series when the Cards were up 3 - 0 against the Giants. I'm about ready to pack in sports altogether. Or at the very least....KEEP MY BIG MOUTH SHUT!!!

My brother in law, who has been a Tiger cat fan for many years, went to THE game last night. I`m ashamed to say that he wore his Cats jersey there and ....sorry...give me a second...this is really hard for me to write...................cheered for THAT team....

I warned him not to...I even TOLD him to wear the jersey inside out if he was going to do THAT....But, he ignored my pleas...and did IT!!!!?????

There now...I've confessed.....I feel better....I'm still ashamed of him though....

I feel your pain old fan. My family and I watched the game on TSN last night, and my wife cheered for that team in my own house. I of course cheered for the Stamps. I’ve told her to turn in her Ticat gear but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe I should see a lawyer. :wink:

Careful..BT...dissing the brother in law is alot easier and less painful than the wife....and a lot less costly too!!!!!!!!!!

Sad to say I only watched the first half, tuned out the half time show and then briefly watched the 3rd quarter then realized that Toronto was in control and there was no way that Calgary was coming back. So it was "The Walking Dead" for me from 9PM

"So it was "The Walking Dead" for me from 9PM"

And you're sure you weren't still watching the Calgary offense in the Grey cup game, Mike???

lol thanks for the concern old fan. Fortunately my wife has a sense of humour, after all she married me. :lol:

I sat and watched the entire ordeal, waiting for Calgary to come back and really hurt the blue team. During the
time that the blue team was in control, I thought. "thats okay, when the Stamps make their comeback, the blue team
will be completely humiliated and dehumanized." Alas, it didn't unfold that way and I went through another sleepless
night, similar to those of the ten losses that the Ticats suffered this past season.

Will things ever get better for us starving fans in Hamilton? Not only did we have a dreadful, humiliating season. We
had to endure the Arblows winning the pinnacle of Canadian Football supremacy in a game that meant so much to
Ticat fans.

Oh well, I'll be back again next year. I guess its the sadist in me. :wink:

Of the 9 of us who watched the game here in Ocala Florida, only one of us was an Argo fan ( ex Toronto gal). The ribs, wings and chili were good. The rest, no so good.

I was cheering for Kevin Glenn all the way but give credit where credit is due, Argos were superior all the way yesterday, peaked when they needed to peak. The best team in the CFL at the end of November, without doubt.