Watching the "films" in the off-season helps Ti-Cat DBs

There is required reading and there is required film watching that is apparently mandated by CFL coaching staff. Take the Hamilton Tiger Cats for example...

One of the strategies DBs are taught when defending against the pass is to bat the ball down if the DB doesn't have a chance for an interception. That way no one catches the ball.

To enhance performance Ti-Cat DBs have been asked to review the attached link film and to watch it multiple times. If the sleek footed predators in this film are able to do what we see in the film can you imagine how much better the Ti-Cat DBs will be in the 2017 season if pay close attention?

[url=] ... 4-1.648695[/url]

If this is some attempt to be funny, then you've failed miserably. If it was an attempt to seem like a troll, then you have succeeded.

Obviously you thought I was taking a shot at the Hamilton Ti-Cats, my second favourite team in the CFL. I wasn't but no matter. What I find interesting is that though you misunderstood my post and reacted with a misguided reprimand, you are calling the kettle black. AKA....

"I'm sure the Riders will be awful for years to come, but at least next year they'll have a shinny new stadium to watch their team lose in".... by canadianfootballfan

You have a nice day now. :smiley:

Oh and by the way...

For a guy who likes to point out other poster's spelling errors, it's " shiny" not "shinny" lol

You really have way too much time on your hands if you go searching through my previous posts for a typo. Yes, a typo, not a misspelling.

This thread isn't funny - isn't interesting - isn't anything good. Maybe you need to spend more time looking through people's post history, rather than actually posting. Then... when you find typos, rather than the borderline illiteracy I have pointed out in the past, you can take those opportunities to post.

Obviously you didn't get hugged enough when you were a little guy Canadianfootballfan.

Here ya go big fella.