Watching the CFL in the UK?

Hi Guys, I've been watching the CFL since 2017 when they started showing it on BT sports. A fantastic game. I'm totally hooked. A good thing but it's also a problem! As far as I can see subscribing to BT Sports is the only way we can watch CFL in the UK. It means I am stuck with them as my provider to get my CFL fix and can't shop around for a better deal.

Is there any way we can watch CFL (whole games and not just 15 min highlights) in the UK other than subscribing to BT Sports? I have the NFL Game Pass to watch NFL is there anything similar for the CFL? Many thanks.


Cheers from the US here.

BT Sport is the only way I know for viewing in the UK, though another British viewer who is a member here who is around at times might be able to assist as well.

Sometimes from the US I do get the BT Sport feed, but it is via "Pirate Sports Network."

Perhaps that network is an option for you depending on the provider of your internet service so long as it is not BT?

And I do like the commercials on BT Sport better than either those on TSN in Canada or on ESPN channels in the US.

Thanks for getting back to me. I've no complaint with the coverage from BT really, when the College Football season starts they don't show CFL live as it gets pushed out of the schedule which is a pain, but otherwise it's pretty good. It's just they are jacking up prices every year by inflation + 3.9%, the rise is baked into a 2 and a half year contract. I could live with it when inflation was 2% but now with inflation over 10% it's taking the Mickey!! Maybe I have to go cold turkey and give up on the CFL!! A frightening thought!!! :slight_smile:

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I watched the 2019 CFL playoffs in Edinburgh on DAZN using a VPN, but that deal may have ended during the pandemic.




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Excellent another Brit following CFL fantastic.
I started in 2014. Redblacks first year. Did the highlights for a few years but got BT in 2017 specifically as BT had the CFL, Love the differences it makes for a great version and 9 teams is about the level for my small brain.

I hear your pain with the us college sports knocking it down the pecking order.
The game time is often a killer for me. So ive often recorded it and watch it back or wait for the full game monday/tuesday and sometimes i watch the highlights on cfl if i camt wait till tuesday.

Without BT im not 100%, i dumped the HD part to save a bit myself.

A few of my mates watch other sports on sky or BT through websites perhaps not entirely legally. Though that is premier league.

I did use to watch the full games after on youtube before BT, it was called cfl times i think, not sure if its still about and doing full games. I will have a look around, try update later.


CFL only has 3 broadcast territories. Canada, USA, and UK. Canadian viewers watch on TSN. USA has games aired on the ESPN Networks. Question is whether the BTSport has their own deal with the CFL, or do they receive the rights to broadcast the games because of the channel's dealings with ESPN. If the answer is through ESPN, the rights to air games in the UK might change as the old ESPN deal in US expired. CFL has yet to make an announcement about any broadcast deal in America for 2023.

In parts of the world other than Canada, USA, and UK, the authorized viewing method would be through Cost is $100USD for the season.


Without being 100% i think its a deal with espn, as the have espn fc, a soccer show on the channels and others and some really naff show called pardon the interruption.

You cant go to youtube for example to watch the game.

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i wish we could stream the games through the forum right here. every game should be streamed live for free IMO.

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also it warms my little witchy 4-down heart knowing there are CFL fans overseas


I stopped watching NFL and concentrate on CFL after soccer. NFL fans should be the target here if CFL want to increase interest, NFL is popular here after 3/4 uk sports.
Game time isnt helpful. NFL 1pm sunday is great for 6pm here. I can only think that time would be good for families over there too.
The highlights of the 4 games could be packaged up to be shown somewhere on free to air.
Glad to hear of another fan here. Im sure there are a few more.


There is another fan resident in Britain besides yourself and CFLBritfan that posts somewhat regularly. I can’t remember who they are exactly but wouldn’t be surprised if they chime in on this thread once they see it.


Oh well that is what Pirate Sports Network does, arrrgghhh, ahoy ye matey!

Alas do please note that they are quite militant about having their questionable offshore streams re-broadcast all the same, for understandably at Pirate Sports Network they are understandably and prudently possessive of their booty.

During games CFL forum member and friend if you or anybody in the UK is having issues watching the game, and if you know I am here as I am often before and during some games, I will be happy to send you the information on the booty of the Pirate Sports Network for your CFL viewing pleasure.


Hi, I thought there must be other Brits that love the 3 down game, and yeah, like you I rarely can watch live because of the time difference so record and pick it up the next day. I pretty much watch every game I can - a lot of hours on the sofa!! And yes, the nine teams means I feel I know all the players, there's an intimacy lacking in say the NFL. Love the commentators. I'd actually booked a one month holiday to Canada with a schedule that allowed us to watch games in Hamilton, Winnipeg and BC. Unfortunately, the pandemic put the kibosh on that!! Still hope to able to visit sometime soon.


i dated a Brit once (well many times actually) but anyways she absolutely hated gridiron football. she was all about real football or soccer. we had lots of fights about it.

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Would be funny if she told you her balls are bigger.

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That made me think of dating a girl for a while many years ago who supported the other team in Birmingham here.
She hated Villa my football team, soon after a real outburst i ended it because of that.
More extreme as i know couples who support other teams in cities/areas with more than 1 team.
Im sure people have stayed together or split because of support for other CFL teams over the years.