Watching the boring NFL game...

I'm a Denver Broncos fan, I bleed Orange and Blue.

I opened my account on the forums before this CFL season started, but I find myself more and more a fan of the CFL rules and presentation than the NFL, and I only like the Broncos due to lifetime contractual support - I'd much rather see them play CFL or Rugby.

So it's Sunday in North America (I've experienced firsthand that Canadians are subjected to the same NFL coverage as we are in the States), and the NFL is on. I'm waiting for my Broncos to start at 1 pm and watching the most boring, quiet NFL game ever, between Seattle and St. Louis - two bitter division rivals.

Even though it's in the dome and the crowd is there, I think it's muffled and the announcers are so tired-sounding it's worthless.

Don't worry, I've already checked OLN and they don't have hockey on all day.


You should have watched the New England/Atlanta game. It was great, my Falcons came up short by a game winning field goal though. :frowning:

I not going to watch the NFL untill the CFL is over.

Ha ha its great to be a Pats fan sorry EsksTmac. Hey Steve-o your Broncos are next. My life is great i got the Pats, and Als. Als are going to win the grey cup.

1000% agree! :smiley:

I think that a lot of the American rules sequesters the great talent in the NFL.

I guarantee you that there are some phenomenal quarterbacks and receivers who don't hook up on plays enough because some old curmudgeon of a coach would rather do handoffs up the gut for two or three yards and eat up the clock each play than air it out once in a while.

And the Als could win the Grey Cup, but now that the Esks are (finally) confident with running the ball I say Edmonton has the best chance.

I watched the Jax/Bengals game. Pretty good for an NFL game, it came down the end when Palmer fumbled. Rare for an NFL game to last more than 58 minutes LOL

Go Bengals!!!!

The Bungels(what i call them) cost me $300 for that fumble. I also think they are overated, and they are starting to face contenders and ther true colors show.

how abou the begals? :lol:

Hmm sounds like the Riders!

Actually, you might compare the Eagles to the Riders pretty good too with the start they are having. In that case go Bengals and go Eagles!!!!!