Watching Stamps vs Bombers game --- Gades can beat both!!!

that is all.

the bombers are looking weak this year but i think once burris gets seddled in calgary the will be unstopable
good thing wherer faceing calgary erly

The gades could take some pointer from Calgary’s running game. Ranek would look unstopable with the kind of pitch outs Calgary was giving they RB…

Burris did look good but he’s the kind of QB that if you get in his face and rush him hard, he disapears…

I was thinking the same thing while watching that game.

Go Renegades Go!!

Once Burris gets going you will be unstoppable? hahah. good one. Whats up with Copeland dropping all those passes? Managed zero offensive touchdowns versus the bombers, hey the stamps are improved and will do better this year, maybe 5 games?


Looking forward to Aug. 19th :twisted: :twisted: …

but my money is on the gades vs. stamps.