Watching SF just beat NO doesn't it say so much

how CFL, NFL beats the living mess out of NHL, MLB, NBA and soccer? What.... can you say yes? I guess so. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Football is football baby, any way you look at it, if that is you are a true football fan.

You know it Earl :thup: ; The NFL is far from the No Fun League :cowboy:

NFL would be even better if the saints would get rid of that useless jenkins.

No questiom, Jenkins looked brutal.

And Denver is going to get killed in this one.

I thought it was a very entertaining game , the 4th Q was almost CFL like, the lead changed 4 times, glad to see my Niners move on :slight_smile:

Yup, no passing game in the NFL like CFL (unless lots of turnovers in a game) = no championship hope in heck.

The whole NFL has become "CFL-like" over the past few years. The NFL is now a passing-oriented, high-scoring league with tons of big plays, and teams that throw the ball even when they are safely ahead. Those who continue to insist the NFL is not as entertaining as the CFL aren't watching both leagues with an open mind, IMO.

That was a damn good game. As always I could deal without touchbacks at the kickoff, but that’s a minor complaint. GO NINERS!

Uh I think I understand what your trying to say? Had a few too many today?

This is definitely in the top 10 of your drunken posts...

However.. I do agree, to a point.

Game 162 of the MLB season was one of the best nights watching sports I have ever experienced, best 5 hours ever..

I am the truest football fan of all, and I like NHL playoffs and international soccer. so there 8)

I wish the mods were a little more active here on cleaning up threads. This post is about NFL football but posted in the CFL talk area. Shouldn't it be moved to the Football (Other Leagues) area?

Very exciting game (yay '9ers!), but to me the ridiculous number of touchbacks has become a waste of time and a distraction in the game. It's just a matter of time before the NFL eliminates kickoffs altogether. Teams will simply start at the 20. All in the name of "player safety" of course.

I agree it's become a waste, but as long as the networks can get an extra set of commercials in after the kick return (err..."touchback") they won't change the format.

That NFC game on Fox was absurdly long yesterday. I set me PVR (DVR) for 3 hours and 30 freakin' minutes(!) and it still timed out at the 2 minute warning - enough to miss the last two touchdowns.

Epic game but too many challenges/reviews....and COMMERCIALS!

brad, glad you seem to like my drunken posts. :wink:

Just enjoy watching football more than any other sport but that being said, I can enjoy other sports as well depending.

On my first brewskie right now, if you're keeping tabs. :wink:

Great games in NFL and CFL. But sports fans can appreciate outstanding games of other pro sports too.

I used to watch hockey with a passion but now it just seems the "goons" are taking over and all I see now are head shots after headshots and star players being put out of the game for extended periods of time, football is a rough sport but for the most part its a clean rough sport..well unless your playing against Dwight Anderson :stuck_out_tongue:

The 49ers and New Orleans game had to be in the Top 20 playoff games of all time with three of those games at Candlestick Park mind you (i.e. "The Catch" 1982 and Terrell Owens' Catch 1998).

Last night I was watching some NHL highlights for the Lightning and Penguins and damn, even when two star scorers are fighting it out instead of the usual goons, well I do not think that is good for the NHL overall for sure.

Who wants the NHL to resemble the WWE on skates along with much more of the highly toothless crowd not from hockey who follows that action? :thdn: