Watching Online?

I'm in Boston next week during the time of the Cats' first exhibition game against the 'Peg ... is there a way to watch the game online?

I'm REALLY excited about the team this year!!! I'm thinking we're going to be in McMahon Stadium come November!!! :rockin:

No I don't think so we can't even see it

You can listen to the play by play at There is no video feed

It is rare that CFL preseason games are shown on TV -- one notable exception being the Touchdown Atlantic game between Hamilton and Toronto in Halifax in 2005.

I'm afraid that radio coverage on the Net will have to suffice for the preseason -- check 900 CHML's site at for information.

Oski Wee Wee,

thanks guys ... CHML was my drop back position :wink: I'll be listening to Zamp et all Wed night!!!

Actually i believe the 2nd pre season game will be televised by local cable channel 14(Cogeco).

It normally is my Question would be The NFL Dose all of Preseason Contests.

The CFL Should talk to TSN about putting Preseason game on TSN II

This is pathetic, I'm absolutely outraged. The CFL wants people to take them seriously, but they want us to listen to the radio during the pre-season like this is the 40's? Sad and a half, There's no way I'm listening to it, I'll just have to wait for highlights or if they're not even going to do that, I'll have to wait till my season ticket's kick in on the 23rd...... :roll: Lot's of waiting up to this point I guess another week won't hurt.

ughhh! I just checked for the schedule and the game won't be on the radio, TV OR the internet.

:x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

On the CHML site, there's a banner promoting the broadcast.

Thank god! at least there be some way of hearing what's going on. :expressionless:

Rick Zamferin is going out west on the 16 th so it will be on 900

8) You just stated in 4 posts above that there is no way you are listening to the game on the radio !!!
  A sudden change of heart now  ????      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I'm as big a fan as any, but some of those NFL exhibition games do very, very little to showcase the game. In a word, they're terrible.

I'd love to get a sneak peak at this seasons' installment, but I think I'll be fine listening on the radio. Ideally, there'd be a webcast of it then the hardcore fans can find it, but it doesn't fuel any notions of sloppy football. . I'm just not sure the inevitablly mistake and penalty filled game is worth a national broadcast.

On one hand I almost want to hold off and watch the 'reveal' on Canada Day...might skip these dress rehearsals. They just monkey with your emotions.

But does anyone really enjoy the preseason games? Next Tuesday, I'll be excited in the first half then after that, the game goes really down hill once the starters are out of the game. I love football but preseason football isn't that exciting.

Good thing for us is that the game is broadcast next Tuesday on Cable 14.

I have said this before, if Sportsnet wants to get into CFL football or CBC wants to get back in, they should pick up the preseason games. It may just be a way in the next time that the tv contract is up.