Watching Jets/Bolts game like watching paint dry

The first and second rounds of the NFL playoff games were boring blowouts. But the snoozefest I endured as I watched the plodding NY Jets hang on to edge the flaccid Bolts was like watching paint dry. What does the no fun league have to do to get an exciting, balanced playoff game this year?

 For all its' shortcomings (too many rookie DBs getting lit up, 2nd rate officiating, lousy head coaches ( Andrus, Kelly), thirty-something o linemen, etc..., at least the CFL game moves at a quicker, more interesting pace.   There is a minimum of camera time on people who aren't on the field.  How many times did we see Ledainian Tomlinson pouting on the Bolts' sideline?  Have the Chargers ever heard of play action?  San Diego's tight end had a brutal game.  San Diego waited 55 minutes 'til they used their hurry up offense, which may be why they lost.  They just kept hammering the ball up the gut unsuccessfully on the Jets and went nowhere.  The Jets were blitzing two guys up the A gaps all game long and pushing the pocket.  The Chargers O line couldn't adjust to it.  Like Tony Romo in the early game, Philip Rivers was running for his life all game long and turned the ball over too often.

 Offensive coordinators must be a particularly bull-headed fraternity.  They abandon their offensive game plans only when it is too late.  I mean, let's face it: they use their best stuff in the first half.  If it doesn't work, they should quit beating a dead horse and use some imagination!  

 Lets hope the Vikings/Saints game is more exciting.  I doubt the Jets/Colts will be.  I give the New York even odds to go into Indianapolis and shut down the Colts offense.  Remember, the Jets gave up the fewest points all year, just 14.75 points per game.  I pick the Saints to beat the Vikings at home and ultimately win the Hyper Bowl in February.  

 There's only about five months to go for the start of CFL training camps! 

 -Dooger out

dissing the NFL is as ignorant as dissing the CFL

Dont like it, dont watch it.

Didnt your mother teach you, if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all?

but speaking the truth about a boring game isnt really dissing the nfl, its more like being honest.

the nfl is boring compared to the cfl... it just is, 4 downs to get 10 yards as opposed to 3.. 45 second play clock as opposed to like a 20 second play clock in the cfl.. cfl is more exciting.. dont see why u think he's dissing the nfl when in reality he was just pretty much ripping on a crappy game. mostly everyone i speak to on a regular basis who watch the nfl tend to think its a little too slow paced at times. i agree with that. its not dissing when its fact is it?