Watching Games

I live in Ottawa. I don't have cable or satellite. I have an antenna, just like the old days when I was a kid and that was the only way to see a game. Rogers et al have bought up all sports in an attempt to keep subscribers subscribing, cuz the only way to see sports is via cable or satellite (OK, I know there are online alternatives, but most people don't).

I commend Radio Canada for at least broadcasting CIS games on Saturday afternoons. I love CIS football. As Scotty said about the Enterprise in Star Trek 11, "It's exciting!"

I wish TSN or others would offer a means to subscribe to a channel that would allow viewing CFL games online. The alternatives are good, but not everyone knows about them and the quality is not the same. That way I could see Ticat games the way I'd prefer.

CFL, you wanna reach cord-cutters? Or cord-nevers? Give them, and us old geezers who remember antennas, or digital natives, an alternative.

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I am in the same situation.
We can watch any game through wiziwig (it's the ESPN feed)
Been doing it for two seasons.


Hey Streetwriter:

I cut the Rogers cable cord about 5 years ago. Product and service got increasingly worse over the nearly 25 years I was with them. I bought a much better computer and went internet through another provider. I was able to watch the programs I was interested in.

At first,through the TSN.CA site, I was able to watch CFL games live, then by tape delay. Now, to see any of these broadcasts at all, you need a TV subscription. Reluctantly, I purchased one.

We don't have Fibe in the neighbourhood yet. But, the dish is good, until it rains.