Watching Games Online...Help

I have to go out of town for work for a couple of weeks, and have seen some sources to watch the games online, but they all appear very grainy, and the over excessive ads slow down the stream. I read some discussions about watching games online, so if anyone could post or PM me any good sources for streaming id really appreciate it.

dont want to miss the back half of the season.

Really the absolute best thing to do is to install a tv tuner on a pc in your home and remote in from wherever you are. Its legal. You can even record the games.

Is it out of Canada? Most hotels have TSN, and if not, the nearest pub will.

Im going to be over in the states. Guess theres no way to get ESPN3 access is there?

I was thinking about a slingbox, but my upload speed at home isnt good enough to make the quality worth it.

try this:

not sure if it still works...came across it the other day

tried that the other day, doesnt work..thanks tho

p2p4u always works for me,fast load,steady stream,I use it all the time for CFL and NFL,just click on AM.FOOTBALL and go to drop down box hit link 1 usually loads immediatly.....heres the link..... Good Luck,should work fine any problems just give me a P.M. Try it tonight for Friday Night Football.....that's how I'm watching the game,let me know how it works......CHEERS!!!!!.......Hopefully your a Cat Fan!!!!! If not,no worries(unless you cheer for that "A" Team from Trawna) :lol: :lol: :smiley:

thanks for the link will try one kind of cat fan, going to watch my lions crush the stamps tonight...

Lions!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: My 2nd favorite team :thup: :thup: GO LIONS GO!!!!!

Should be interesting to see how Demarco rebounds from last game. The Calgary D is going to give him a tough time. Maybe good ol Buck will get some more reps in

It's not going to be easy for the Lions but the Stamps are due for a loss,load the box and contain Cornish and with your veteran D.B.'s hopefully snag a pick or two and the Lions can pull out a close one.Contain and Protection are the keys,along with some key turnovers and special team play,should be a very entertaining seesaw back and forth game tonight.....the Lions pull it out by a F.G. in the end......Lions-33 Stamps-30....Please once again let me know how you make out with the link......I'm pretty sure you'll have no problems....never failed for me yet....CHEERS!!!! GO LIONS :thup: :rockin: