Watching CFL or NFL?

you must be a fun guy to watch a game with. So many things are laughable for you.


He'll be laughing his ass off tonight when the Cats go into BMO and knock the ever loving shit out of his Anchors and show everybody just what a fraud that team really is .

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Are they a fraud? Why do you say that? They've had some good wins. Or are you just trying to stir all that rests in Area 51

In answer to your questions...

Why do you say that ? Because it's true . The only 8-4 team that I can remember that has a negative PF (271) / PA (293) record . A -22 pts differential .
They've had some good wins ? Really ? They've won 6 of their 8 games by a combined 13 pts total . ( 3 pt W-Calg/ 1 pt W-Ham/ 3 pt W-Mtl/1 pt W-Ham/
2 pt W-BC / 3 pt W-OTT ) What you consider good wins I consider wins by a king sized horseshoe up their ass and a lack of adequate kicking on the other teams in those games .

Now before everybody jumps on me , YES I'll give them credit for being the only team (so far) that has defeated the Bombers but bare in mind that their QB in that win isn't even on the team anymore .

As i say the Argos have had some big wins. No amount of verbal gymnastics can deny that Bobo.
But I like Cats in this one

Back to the initial poll, here's my order of football watching:

  1. Any CFL game with the Ticats in it.
  2. Any other CFL game.
  3. The Super Bowl.
  4. No football.

Fortunately there is never a conflict between 1, 2 and 3.


What’s up, Bob?

Ryan Dimwit is one of the more incompetent coaches in the league - - time mismanagement, challenging unchallengeable plays - - but with 1st place on the line, Weasel Steinauer couldn’t manage to beat Dimwit.

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Watch from where the ball was thrown and caught and that's the 50-yards I was posting about.

Anyway, obviously you did not read my prior post and yes he was on the scramble when making that throw.

Now back to whatever game you are watching with your haterade for a quarterback heads and tails above the likes of Matt Nichols like almost all pro starting quarterbacks.

Your NFL takes are pathetic too well beyond your CFL folly.

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on Sunday, I will for the first time be watching an NFL game instead of a CFL playoff. I will be watching the Rams/Packers game while keeping an eye on Chargers during the western semi.

I for one wish CFL would stay away from Sunday.

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Nothing wrong with Sunday playoff football.

Also TSN has other programming (NCAA Football) that take up Saturdays.

They might near 800,000 in viewers.

The better college match ups are on the US channels on basic cable. The TSN Saturday night college game last week was Memphis vs. Houston. Needed a game program to know who is who in that game

not wrong but

I am sure I am not the only one who will be missing CFL sunday games to watch NFL. Games I would be watching on Sat.

As for "other" programming, why then are games mostly on Sat thru the reg season?

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That's more TSNs (Bell Media) as they also have the NFL on Sundays.

Strange they couldn't keep the playoffs on Saturday's as well.

Well as a fan of both leagues it couldn't have worked out better for me this weekend .

In the NFL my Saints (aka "Gods Team" ) play on American Turkey Day on Thursday night against those Bungling Bills from Buffalo .

On Sunday I'll be at THF watching my Cats defeat those Alouettes . When I come home I'll be watching the WSF game and then finally back to the NFL for the primetime game when my sons team the Ravens take on those Brownies from Cleveland .


That's a great plan only Montreal is going to dominate your Masoli Tiger-Cats. Sorry buddy.

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Patrick Levels , is that you ? :grin:


Total annihilation by the Bills.

New Orleans is a terrible football team right now. Unfortunately for Saints Fan, things aren’t going to get much better this year because they have such an incompetent QB situation.

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I watch both. But do not get nearly as excited about NFL games because they have nothing to do with Canadian rivalries.


If you changed because of a CFL blowout I understand .


Maybe your not that big of a fan of the CFL after all if your watching the Rams Packers or Chargers in a regular season game over a sudden death CFL playoff game .


They bombed on Saturdays when they went back to Saturdays awhile back .

Sunday is the best day for Sports if your watching afternoon games compared to Saturday .

If your not a CFL fan and rather watch the NFL by all means do it .

I watch the CFL first but if the game is a blow out I change the channel to the NFL game unless I really like the blowout of a certain team being played and enjoy the crushing of that team .