Watching CFL or NFL?

Considering a lot of people here seem to also follow the NFL, I was curious about the results and why. I don't have a favourite NFL team since Flutie and Moon retired. I watch the NFL but only for my fantasy team which is in a really competitive league. My team is the Argos and I would watch them over a typical NFL game in which I have no rooting interest.

But which game on TV would draw your interest more if you could only watch one? Is it because of the entertainment value, the structure of the game, the overall hype?

If you don't follow a team, just think of the average typical game.

Curious how this will score on a CFL forum.

You can explain your reasoning in the comments.

  • CFL Game with Your Team In It
  • NFL Game with Your Team In It

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I prefer the CFL but mostly because I cheer for the Argos and not necessarily because of the field size or 3 downs or anything like that.


The way the scheduling is done for both leagues in the regular season it's easy to watch both.

I'm an Argos and Bills fan respectively so there would only be a choice to make during the playoffs which will follow CFL easily in this case.


But if you had to choose one to watch which would it be an why do you think so?

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If they went head to head in the regular season I'd go with Argos. I'll have a second screen to follow the other of course like I did yesterday with a rare Leafs-Argos head to head....went 0 for 2 there!


I wasn't really sure what you meant .

But if a CFL game was a dud I have a number of NFL teams I enjoy watching /rooting interest for

The under dog and up and comers Bills and Browns I will watch and the champ Buccaneers .

The three B's for me .

The rest I tune in to watch a good game like the Chiefs for example have a high octane offence that is fun to watch .

For some reason I like watching the LA teams right now even though I have no rooting interest .

For the CFL I love a good game period but I do really want to see the RB's before anything else but if they are really bad I simply turn it off .

The crazy weird game yesterday was not the greatest played but it was surprisingly good the 12 k fans felt like there were 20 k and of course I picked Montreal so I had a rooting interest . I was entertained enough .

Not sure that's what you had in mind .

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It really does depend on which teams are playing. There are many nfl team matchups I would have preferred to last nights argo/als game.

However, for most of the last 55 years, up to a few years ago, I would have said that 99 - 100 percent cfl.


Go home poll, you're drunk.

Anyway... All CFL teams > Bills > Vikings. Bills for geography reasons and Vikings to troll a friend who cheers for the Packers. To be honest though I prioritize other sports ahead of the NFL, so I sometimes don't get around to watching the Bills and especially Vikings games.


I am following the NFL more than the CFL only because of the young talent at the QB position which is more of a third option for the run after the HB, FB.

Scouting for QB is a must for the CFL.

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to be more specific

I watch in roughly the following order

  • any NFL with Bills, Rams, or Chargers
  • most NFL with Saints or Raiders
  • any CFL with Lions or Ticats
  • any NFL with Packers or Cardinals that does not have Bucs, Cowboy, Steelers, or Seahawks
  • most CFL with Argos or Redblacks or Bombers
  • NFL games between any two of Colts, Texans, Ravens, Eagles, Lions, Browns, and Titans.

Thats is pretty much it.


Priority for me is
CFL playoffs
Winnipeg Blue Bombers
New England Patriots
CFL regular season
NFL regular season

the NFL playoffs is nowhere near the CFL season, so that's not on the list


I wondered how many self described CFL fans would watch the NFL over the CFL and why.

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Okay I guess that's not me unless it's a game like today that gets out of hand and I switched over to a NFL game if it was going on .

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If I have to watch the Lions do this much more then I just might start watching the NFL instead.


I mainly only watch CFL , sometimes will watch nfl games if former cfl players are playing or if talk about a game is all over my Twitter feed.


I don't watch the NFL or any level of American football. Period.


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teams in the CFL need 4 QB's on the team so they can develop the younger ones and are ready when needed. They don't have the luxury of the draft. These guys also need game time - preseason or the development leagues could help. Also teams could pool their rookies and 1st years and have them play early in the start of training camp

I watch Rider games first, and then the NFL over any other CFL matchup.


Kind of hard when there's only 2 preseason games to evaluate talent from.

Wouldn't mind seeing a rookies league with the idea of developing talent especially at the QB position.

A short 8-10 game season from March to May might work.

Not sure if TSN would invest in such a venture.

Or May to July might be ideal.


I have been a die hard cfl fan for 55 years. I have been a casual to enthusiastic fan of the NFL for 30 years. This is the first year I have to admit to getting far more enjoyment from watching NFL. Not enjoying CFL much this year. Also I have become disillusioned with the League office. I hope this will reverse during the next few years.