Watching CFL online..Help me

Can someone tell me where to go to watch some CFL action online..

Everything here in the states will be blacked out.

CFL.CA or TSN Via The Web may be it.


Reply deleted, I misread the original post.

Interesting... so thats how they do it.....

Why the hell you censoring me for? There is NOTHING ILEGAL about masking your ip address. Knob!

They probably only censored you because you can use an IP mask to commit illegal activities.

That would be my guess...

1400 posts and this is the first time I have a post deleted. I am entitled the courtesy of an explanation on this. In this day and age everyone surfing should use proxy servers.

I have no clue what all this is about but
considering the time of night and the holiday,

is it possible that a poster's remarks
can be wiped out automatically

if someone's IP address is masked, HfxTC?

I was trying to help out family and friends of players in the US to catch the stream of games but by doing so there was a concern that the info could be used to create administrative difficulties for this site. I can seet their point and even appologized for calling him a Knob :slight_smile:

If you go to this web site

It's where you can order the games on-line

Click where it says US Viewers, they list the US web sites where you can watch the games.

This might be of help to someone

click here

In Search Of The CFL

With no major cable/satellite deals this year in the U.S.,
transplanted Canucks and die-hard American fans

are left with a less-than-satisfying
menu of viewing alternatives

comprised of obscure digital T.V.
outlets and online streaming.

The most viable option for accessing
live CFL games is,

which is importing two or three telecasts a week from TSN,
now the exclusive network of league games in Canada.

On the TV side, unless you're one of the relative few
with access to an affiliate of digital network America One

—currently unavailable on DirecTV and Dish Network—
or market laggard Voom HD Networks,

you're out of luck.