Watching CFL in USA?

TSN being unavailable in the USA, am I understanding correctly that people in the USA will not (legally) be able to watch the CFL at all this season?

Pretty sure it is on ESPN+

Last season, yes. This season, no.

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I’m a cheapskate who won’t pay for cable so I listen to games online.

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My buddy from Washington State won't be too happy. He went to a couple of Grey Cups with us a few years ago and has been a CFL fan ever since.

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It's hard to find but it's there.

CFL is still under a multi-year agreement with ESPN that apparently expires after this coming season. So, there will be games on the ESPN networks as shown on their current website schedule. ESPN has to show a minimum of 20-something games on their linear channels (ESPN2 and ESPNews). Rest will be on ESPN+. Official schedule should be announced somewhere around June 7 which is a few days before the season opener.

I feel fairly confident in my answer because what I described has essentially happened every year for the last decade.


I'm even more confused now. That says the Bombers and Roughriders are playing today. The CFL website says they're playing Tuesday night.

ETA: And when I actually click on the game, it says it's Monday May 23.

Great. I hope you're correct. I wasn't aware of the history. Thanks.

lol yeah pre-season games might have been tinkered with because of the strike. Regular season should be normal.

It looks as though pre-season games will be streamed free on yaretv. I'm not sure if this will be available in Canada and the US, though.

I could probably get past that for the free games using a proxy outside the USA, but for the paid service my payment method would probably give me away.

Hopefully poster "okie" is right about ESPN.

This is what I do. I actually enjoy listening to local radio broadcasts.

The advertisements and breaks kinda make me feel like I am on a vacation visiting that town :slight_smile:


The complete CFL season is not even available to cable subscribers in the US. To get the other 2/3 of the games, you need to pay $7 a month for the ESPN+ streaming service.

So, cordcutters could pay $7 x 6 months = $42 and watch most of the season. However, the playoffs are only aired only on a linear channel.

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They always get all of their non-playoff CFL games in by Labour Day, when USA Football starts.

The Bombers/Roughriders preseason game apparently streamed on ESPN+ last night and is available for replay currently.


It's just a one-off, but I think you should be able to stream tomorrow's Argos-Ticats game.


The Redblacks/Alouettes and the Roughriders/Lions games are scheduled to be on ESPN+.

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Looks like week 1 all four games are on ESPN+.

Last year typically one or two games would be on ESPN2 or ESPNews and the rest on ESPN+.


The CFL website has added an ESPN schedule.

Thursday and Friday's games are on ESPN2. The first Saturday night game is on ESPN+, the second is on ESPNews.

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