Watching CFL in America

I myself am not American, but I have some friends who are, as well as I have gone down to the States the past few years to see an NFL game and I have tried to watch the Rider games when I was there. Sadly I didn't find a way to do so, so I ended up streaming the radio broadcast of it.

My friends wouldn't get anything out of listening to a radio version of CFL, as they aren't that big of fans. They are wishing for something to help tide them over to the NFL season and I recommended trying of the CFL, as it more than tides me over September.

So I am wondering are there any Americans here, or others, who are able to get CFL games down in the States, and if so how do you do it?

Jindred, ESPN2 will be simulcasting the TSN broadcast. All you have to do is check the schedule on the ESPN website. I hope this helps.

If a CFL game is not being televised on ESPN 2 or ESPN it is available (video and audio) streaming on ESPN 3 (Watch ESPN).
Last year every CFL regular season game was on one of these three broadcast media.

"Live streams of all the WatchESPN Networks are available at no additional cost to fans who receive ESPN as part of their TV subscription through participating TV providers."

ESPN3 and Watch ESPN aren't exactly the same thing. ESPN3 is only available through your cable provider and is available even if you don't have cable TV (only a cable modem). Watch ESPN requires you to have cable TV service.

However, available this year for the first time is Sling TV, which streams ESPN and ESPN 2 (but not 3), plus CNN and several other commercial channels for $20/month (no contract and no cable TV service required).

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ESPN3 is one of the networks in WatchESPN and is available either thru a participating TV provider or thru a participating internet service provider. Other WatchESPN networks are available only thru participating TV provider. The term TV provider is used since the service is available thru cable and satellite participating providers.

Best trick is that if you can get ESPN3 on a laptop connect it to a HDTV with an HDMI cable and it's like a regular broadcast. :thup:

I will make it simple because the last thread was a confusing and conflicting mess.

  1. Get your American friends to go to and pick an event with the label "ESPN3" and see if they can watch it. They would likely need to sign in first using their broadband or tv provider user name and password.

  2. If they can watch something that says "ESPN3", tell them to try to watch something that says ESPN2. If they can, then chances are they are on a WatchESPN provider & can watch the ESPN2 games live on tv and/or app as well. If they are in this situation, they can get all the CFL games live.

  3. If they cannot get the ESPN2 but can get the ESPN3 events, then they can only watch the live ESPN3 games and the replay of the ESPN2(TV) games.

  4. If they cannot watch anything on ESPN3, then the choices they have are:

a. subscribe to a provider that has a deal with ESPN3.

b. try the "over-the-top" online service called SlingTV as previously mentioned. I believe you get the ESPN2 tv channel and ESPN3 online access with the basic package.

Important note. It does not matter what other people claim should in theory happen. That is because not all providers have the same deal (or any) with ESPN3. There is not just a few providers in the U.S. either which means folks cannot just generalize what will happen in your situation. So, just tell them to try to watch something on and then proceed from there after knowing the results.

There are also people in Canada that don't get TSN on their cable package and have to be creative.
I am renting a place for the summer that has Rogers Cable and NO TSN, I have no control over that and can't order TSN.

If you want to watch the CFL, get on the internet and figure it out. No one on this public site is going to tell you how to wach TSN or ESPN illegally. Hook up an HDMI cable from your laptop/table to a big TV and enjoy.

Thanks for all your responses, they are much appreciated!