Watching CFL in America

I'm stuck in America on Thursday Night, and I am hoping to be able to watch the ticat game. Does anyone know if the game is scheduled to be broadcast here in America and if so what network.

Thanks for your help

America One and

also when the games are blacked out you can get to se them on here.

Thanks for the info Captain!

Just curous... Are you stuck in North America, South America, or Central America?
If you're in either of the last two, it may be very difficult to get the game on TV.....

Or, are you one of those people who absconds with the name of a whole continent and foolishly applies to a single country?

I will be in D.C. thursday,I hope I can get the game at the hotel.

Could not,but I was able to get a score, made the trip home even better.

Yeah,,,that kinda bothers me, too, Wilf.

I think most understand that he is in the USA.

Of course, most understand that he is in the USA. I understood that from the start.

My problem is this... Why didn't he say, as you did, that he was in the USA? Or that he was in the 'States'.

You see, I also live in America, the part of America that is Canada.

I know, now you're saying, "Picky, picky"

Small potatoes, just something that bothers me, perceiving that many people in the USA think the real world begins and ends at their border.

An opinion only, one that keeps being reinforced.

OH lord, I said american cause it was the first thing to come to mind...who know it's such an issue.

Anyway, IN CASE anyone is wondering, we couldn't find the game....AND....We were in Las Vegas. We went to every sports book in every casino on the stip and one subcribed to the chanel. Just wanted everyone to know that in some places in the United States of America aka USA aka the States (but NOT aka America), you can`t get the CFL!