Watching at home vs at the Park or Arena

Have you ever realized that when your a spectator at a sporting event, whether it be football, hockey, baseball, etc., it doesn't seem so bad when your team loses? Your emotions are in check. And yet when you're at home watching on TV, the wife (if your married) has to hide the remote and leave the room?
Maybe that's why my wife and son want to attend all the Rens games with me. Hmmm.......there's a marketing strategy Lonnie.

Just thought this would be an interesting topic.

Go Rens Go!!

It almost seems as if you are in control of the situation - by that, I mean that it's gone through my head that if I had actually BEEN at the game, the outcome would have been different, and my team wouldn't have lost. That's why I become overly animated at a loss when watching on TV. Weird. . .

Agree... at home if the Riders lose, the wifey and cats take cover when a continuos salvo of pillows goes flying at the TV. At the game, you walk out in a Zombie trance like state, softly uttering death threats to McCallum.......
(Just Kidding!!!)

I dunno. I hate losing wherever I am. I usually am a good sport... the next morning! When the wound is fresh, it's no time to pinch me.


couldn't tell ya...the Eskies don't lose at home often enough for me to know.. :wink:

I always thought I was crazy but now I’m not the only one that think the outcome can be different if I’m there. But when you’re at a game it’s just great to soak in the atmosphere. When your team scores you can yell at the top of your lungs, jump around and act like an @$$hole, and it’s completely normal. You do things at home and you might get a visit from the cops.
And with thinking that the game would be different with me there it doesn’t help that the Bombers have only lost once in all the games I’ve ever been to. Maybe 10 in the last three years.