Watched Akli Smith today?

Went to McMahon today to check out their prospects. Akli Smith looked not bad but I am sure he will need to learn the Canadian game like most new american qb's. Looks like he has a strong arm. Another practice tomorrow.

I didn't know they'd started practicing, already. When do they go tomorrow? I have the day off work ...

Thursday, April 26th
9:00 - 10:15 am
2:00 - 3:15 pm

Friday, April 27th
9:00 - 10:15 am
2:00 - 3:15 pm

Open to the public these are all the guys brought up from try out camps in the US. ONly the guys that they pick will go to TC out of this group.

Awesome. If I get the chance I'll try and swing by the afternoon session ... because I'll likely still be asleep by 9 AM :?

It'll be interesting if he can push Burris to the next level or just be a bust. Akili, watch out for that extra man on defence who sometimes, if you don't account for him, will come and clean your clock. :wink:

especially if you Antonio Warren blocking for you... :lol:

Akli Smith might be one of those "Diamond in the ruffs." (rough?)(Hey teach (jm02) help me out here) His ability to scramble might be a better fit in the CFL than the NFL.

I like this idea of teams flying in potential talent and evaluating in an early camp scenario.
Especially for you guys in Cowtown as it is open to the public.
All teams should mandate same and if necessary advertise.

And I am sure Mr. Hellard is quite aware of the rules against players under contract participating in these work outs, right 05. :slight_smile:

I bet Akili doesn't make it.

We going there again piggy. Because it is league authorized most teams are doing this. Well with exception of Taman who has his after the teams have cuts :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: The players are not under contract for one they are invited. Three were signed as of yesterday.
Today I watch a a running back about the same size as blink but faster and a 6'5" defensive back that has lots of speed. Yes a big guy with speed. More guys will be signed for TC at the end of todays try out camp.

I will take that bet!

Hey Red, is this the master plan for the Stamps to push Burris. Or, are they not really satisfied with Hank and maybe this is more of hey we stumbled onto a potential which may have like Cortez says a Flutie style upside.

Today George Cortez stated the Smith does have the tools for the CFL. He seems to think he has a good chance of making the team. As you know the Stamps requires another capable QB and Smith might be that guy. Burris will welcome the comptetion. I went again today and there are some good players at this camp. By the way Piggy no players on the filed are under contract. With the exception of the three that were signed during the camp. There will be more signings for TOC in the next few days.
Smith was throwing some nice footballs today.

Burris had competition when he was here-- which is one the reasons he signed in Calgary. Remember the news conference and the statement I will always remember him saying, "Saskatchewan has a starting quarterback-Nealon Greene." If Smith can thrive in a QB tandem, Burris cannot- one the reasons he signed in Calgary because he was the garaunteed no 1 guy at QB, a garauntee he could not get in Sakatchewan. If Smith pushes Burris too hard, Henry may look elsewhere to be a #1 QB.

What that is old news? And if you want a player to stay in Regina he better have some form of garauntee. :lol: :lol:

". . .diamonds in the rough." :wink:

Good idea, but Dang big $$ cost, by I guess some teams have that money if they are actually complying with the camp as these are player expenses technically.

I'd like to see the Blue Bombers hold a Rookie Camp starting May 21st to May 29th(Bombers Camp opens say May 30th although I think it's June 1st)
and for that to be a time to bring up some of those possible FA camp guys.
Near the end of that camp cut anyone who is falling behind, Clearly get beat(try to trade them of course)
then go to TC with the best guys out of the Rookie TC, some guys may be given an extra shot(like Blue chip QB prospects)

See my thread about Taman about a rookie camp you will like it.

Im just saying that competition seems to affect Burris in an adverse way. It will remain to be seen if he has matured enough to welcome the competition.