Watcha eatin...

So given that its a five oclock game today, its perfect for the thread idea.

Tailgating? Restaurant before game? Bbq’ing @ home? Pizza and wings?

Whats on the menu for tonights game.

myself, some its a toss up between bbq and limeridge pizza and wings before heading to the game.

GO CATS GO :rockin:

PS Anyone have any bbq sauce recipes theyd like to share, im always looking for new ones?

Venison sausage on a bun with mustard and sauerkraut.

. .. and beer

Beer with a beer chaser

Toasted tomato Asiago bagel with extra strawberry cream cheese! :rockin:

Where? What time? Natural casing on the sausage please!
How about fried venison tongue and onions as a starter?

Sorry thats not food lol

Tongue? :expressionless:

Cut the tongue into slices, cast iron skillet, lots of butter and sliced onions wash down with couple glasses of "esso".
Also take the largest hind quarter of the deer your butchering, put it in an oak barrel of brine, let it age for 9 months then hang in the smoke house until deer season starts. Best darn Jerky you ever had!

probably pizza at the game or you could have a late lunch at home and a snack when you get home.

i agree with challenger, venison tongue is pretty darn good.

So too is venison or moose heart.

I dont consider my self a picky eater but i think i'll skip the tongue lol

So the deer quarter sits in a smoke house for 9months? How do you stop it from spoiling?

Ive decided on Limeridge pizza and wings.

It sits in the brine in a cooler for 9 months, then it goes in the smokehouse for about a week using oak to dry out and smoke the meat. Then it is cut in strips and put in baggies. Once it comes out of the smokehouse it has had enough heat/smoke that it is dry with a deer taste and a slight smoke flavor and won’t spoil. Makes a great snack if your on a stand or even on a drive. No “esso” allowed with the Jerky while hunting!

Oops sorry i misread your post.

Deer jerky sounds good. Whats in the brine?

This is what got put into the barrel, quantities of each varied by whoever was making the brine.
Apple Cider (home made)
sea salt
brown sugar
cayenne pepper
pickling spice

Don’t ask me who came up with the recipe, it was long before my time.

Yumm tasty.

I was expecting to see red wine on the list.

Tried it once with squirrel ribs, meat is a little to thin, good flavor but crunchy like eating potato chips.

Squirrel ribs?

I’ll stay with the sausage on a bun at the St. Vladimir’s on Barton St - the best game day deal in town, a big juicy sausage cooked to perfection and loaded with sauerkraut and onions

There might be some squirrel in it, but at least I don’t know that.

Ok., you talked me into it. We are running a little late from. Montreal (traffic in Oshawa, now) but I can't wait for the polish sauauge on Solidarnosc at the Legion near St. Vladimir's

Oskee wee wee

Well I know the Cats were feasting on sqeeters tonight :rockin: