Watch where Glenn lands

My sense is that where Kevin Glenn lands is a foreshadowing of upcoming QB moves.

If Sask: Durant is available in FA
If Edmonton: Franklin is available in trade
If Calgary ( my money is here): Then Tate is available. While he is a forgotten guy here...he is a very good QB imo. It was a tossup as to who was going to take QB role in Calgary...BLM or Tate. Nik Lewis publically supported Tate at the time. Calgary first dumped Burris because Tate was their guy. He had the job then tore up his forearm.

I think Glenn will have to wait after everybody is sorted.

Lets look at it from the other side of things

Where he won't land in a 9 team League starting from east to west

MTL - already declared No

OTT - No freaking way he goes back there, even if Hank retires

TOR - cannot afford him unless Ricky Ray retires

HAM - No, Set at QB with Collaros and Masoli

WPG - already told him No

SSK - ??? Even Jones doesn't know what he will do

CGY - Maybe as back up

EDM - No

BC - No

C'est maintenant sans conséquence, mais finalement Glenn a abouti à Regina parce que Durant s'en est allé...

Called this one again :slight_smile:
Once Willy, Durant, Nichols were signed. Glenn found a spot.

Presque! LeFevour est toujours un agent libre potentiel... :wink:

I certainly would choose LeFevour over Glenn. Who knows, Sask. might still sign him.

It looks like Jones is looking for a 1 yr. transition QB until he can get his hands on Franklin.

I'd like to sign him back as our short yardage QB. He's the best in the Biz at it. Out with Crompton in with Lefevour.

With the Durant and Adams contracts I don`t think Richard can afford him. :smiley:

A season is an eternity. Reilly could wreck a knee or a shoulder and Franklin could take over the team and go on a run like Ray, Jennings or BLM and get a big extension during the season. Or he could get an NFL contract a la Garcia.