Will we (the crowd) ever be like this again, i really hope so, back then we were so passionate about the tiger cats, i understand though it is a lot easier when your winning , I just thought this video was amazing though.

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Notice how fast those plays develop...

there were more fans there the other night. sadly, only 18 thousand fans witnessed earls big game. Atmosphere was there for those who were there but support wasnt like it is now.

I dont mean just the number of fans it just seemed like everyone was going crazy and on there feet , however like I said before it is easier when your winning, so i guess we just gotta start winning.

Like I said, atmosphere was there but support wasnt and it was a decent team. weird now we stink and get support.

In this video and in the THIS IS OUR LEAGUE VIDEO I see great fans having a good time watching the cfl.
BUT I also saw fans waving flags and beating drums and wild behavior.Not allowed in our park. Too bad those were good times.

I really enjoyed that. Man those were the days, before the dreaded 90's hit.

Thanks :smiley:

Earl is a god in Hamilton.
most of the Players where from that time
Alteast to us kids of 80's and 90

A copy of this tape should be sent to Charlie and his coharts. This is what WE THE FANS are talking about.

if we don't start playin better some season soon, i'm going to have to put some more of those games on my youtube weekly.
that particular waas memorable as far as atmosphere cause of earl, labour day and cause it's the argos.
i think we still have potential (crowd wise) if we just get a good 1st half for once and the atmosphere will carry into the fans are starving for something to cheer about.

that was awesome...thanks for posting!
I sooo hope we can get that spirit and edge back into the stadium atmosphere.

The closest I've seen to that recently was the Labour Day when Marshall was coaching that ended in a tie. That was a loud, rowdy crowd.

Maybe We won't start winning again until
the crowds drop below 20 thousand on
a consistant bases.


We won't start winning again until the Tiger-Cats show they're more concerned about winning football games than turning Ivor Wynne into The Mickey Mouse Club.

True story.

Cool video. Thanks for posting that.


I was there and rember the "thunder of the stands".......haven't seen it like that in years.....AWESOME!


Now where the hell did I leave the keys to my time machine.