Watch this and get angry.

it's not necessarily the topic,

it's what he says

"it's the CFL so nobody cares"

this guy is a complete Jerk!

Seen it the guys an idiot, the Canadian nfl fans should watch it

So, who are these guys?

I might get angry if someone who wasn't an idiot stated that.

At least Wilbon stepped right in to defend the CFL. Tony would have never said something like that. His replacement is a jackass.
That said, people on this forum bash the NFL all the time. Don’t get your panties in a bunch when someone says something bad about the CFL.

Yeah, I love PTI, but I dont like it when they have that guy on it instead of Tony K. Wilbon isnt an arrogant jackass though, which was shown when he said, "What do you mean nobody cares?"

That guy should be on a poster somewhere as the poster boy of why people hate americans.

Dan Lebatard is exactly self explanatory if you know french. The guy is a complete idiot. Wilbon and Korheiser are wicked. Best Show! PTI and OTR made up my summer afternoons, lol.

That bald loser (not the guy on the right but the guy who commentates for monday night football) is a complete useless piece of garbage. The show is an attempt to entertain but they fall blatantly short when it comes to me.

The Guy who is on MNF makes Monday night Football practically unwatchable. He is the worst commentator in football history.

These guys are talentless queefs who really know nothing but the hogwash that gets spewed out of their own mouths.

I have never seen anybody on that show ever say anything insightful at all. Their style of work is to attack everybody on every topic.

Classic american news reporting at its finest.

Most people who watch that stuff on tv are stoners who think they are too big for cartoons... so pass me some dip please.

I actually thought they were purposely making stupid conversation about a situation that was obviously stupid.

I don't think their nationally had anything to do with it. If if did then King George was correct: "these people are not ready for independance" But nationality aside, most the guys I know in Canada from all provinces could care less about the CFL as well.

??? I think you mean Nationality.

Wow, it must s.u.c.k. to hang with your crew during football season.

OH yes the George Hopkins bottle throw. George will like the gact they refered him as an assistant coach. These two bozos are not very bright. I guess these two clowns have never seen Ohio States Woody Hayes in action. That see Woody trips an opposing player that intercepted a pass as the guy is running it back for a TD but does not make it because of the trip and attack by Woody. And my all time favorite the punching out of the cameraman after his team was handed a loss and during his interview he punched out the camera man. Yes only in the CFL. You have to hand it to these two guys they know nothing and show it.

I said I knew them, (I have a job, and other interests etc.) I didn't say I would share a 40 dollar hooker with one or watch a game with them.

Thanks for the typo spelling mistake pointing out thingy... if one were a kind and merciful moderator, one could have quietly corrected and said nothing more of it, but it must be past their bedtime.

$40 dollar hooker? C'mon dude. You deserve to spoil yourself. Drop a couple of brown bills next time.

And RedWhite2005, I am glad to see you see those two for who they are. Hateful, wasteful know-nothing, non-sensical, fools who are doomed to live a life of ignorance and spite.

It's the back up guy on PTI, so nobody cares.

Exactly.....all you have to do is consider the source

What is PTI?



I believe it is Pardon The Interuption

Sport jocks are in some cases not the sharpest tools in the drawer. A mouth that travels at the speed of light followed by a brain going that of a snail so... who cares!