Watch Saskatchewan tonight...

and let's figure out what we need to do to beat them on at Ivor Wynne, Saturday July 12.

hmm i think we need to....GIVE JESSE THE BALL


Their really going to be looking for Jesse. I hope we can be creative with some new play action.

yea and casey seems to be amazing at the play action. every time we do it you think jesse has the ball

That is true jordon02, Caseys' play action was magic last night!

Agree the Play Action Wizard of Hamilton.
Will Show his Stuff and Call the Riders Bluff.
Ride them out of Town..

totally!! That's what I thought was the best part of this game...being faked out by the Cats offence. Was really impressed with the fakes.

The only reason the play action was “magic” last night is we were able to play with a lead and establish the run. Let face it out best two players are in the backfield. As long as we can stay close through 3 quarters we can use the play action all day and no one will stop it. Once we can establish the running game defense’s will collapse to stop the run and WR’s will be wide open. It was beautiful to watch Printers and Lumsden last night.

We all know what the Tabbies DID last night.

Does anyone know Saskatchewan's strength's and weaknesses on offence and defence?

they have a good recieving core. Wes Cates can be dangerous. i believe they have a pretty good secondary as well.

i dont really know any of there linebackers. are they weak in that position?

Casey is great at diguising the ball -- and having the MASTER (Danny Mac) in tow to give him tips...good stuff!

Oski Wee Wee,

The Rider LB's are fast, aggressive and hard hitting. Anton McKenzie replaced Hunt at Will and Maurice Lloyd is MAC. The guys that rotate in at SAM (McCullough, Carter, etc) are quick and can punish.

For Hamilton to beat the Riders, they have to win in the trenches! The O Line has to give Printers enough time to do his magic. If Printers is running for his life, even Lumsden will be neutralized.

On the D side, Hamilton's D Line has to make life miserable for Crandell. If Crandell has time to put the ball in the playmaker's hand (Watch out for WR Adarius Bowman...a stud!), it will be a LONG night!!

The one thing you didn't see last night, other than once that I recall, is the long ball from Printers.

I'd like to see the Cats stretch the D and keep them honest.

Cates looks scary. I hope Moreno, Mariuz and Knowlton can contain him.

Crandell didn't seem like he had any zip on the ball in the first game, we'll see tonight..

Printers has a good arm too. so we know he can throw the ball. I like what I see from the receiving corps. It`s looking well rounded from vets like Miles, to rookies like Mitchell and to think we should be getting Bauman back soon.

They didn't do it a lot. I wasn't paying close attention to the receivers downfield most of the time, but I'm a little concerned over whether any of our guys can be viewed as "gamebreaker" type of receiver. I heard good things about Earnest Jackson in camp, does he fit this mould? Giguere maybe if he finds his way up here?

Last night there was the one TD to Miles that got called back. But the long pass to Mitchell in the second quarter I thought was a nice tough catch but he wasn't exactly wide open. There was one play I think early in the fourth quarter where Printers launched a long one overthrowing Miles, but again, Miles seemed pretty well covered.

But I agree even when the play isn't necessarily going to materialize, it's good to take a shot once in a while. All the better if you have a Geroy Simon type to throw it too. :wink:

Danny can teach him the Glacier Bootleg.

he threw a long ball that was caught by Scott Mitchell for i think maybe a... 40 yard gain (might have been 30)

but thats about it

Wheres all the BC fans, did they jump off the wagon.

The QB the Ticats will face next week may be a backup to the one they were up against this week. But the Riders receivers can make their QB look good, and Cates is not bad either.

And their D is not bad either, as we saw last year. We'll see how they do in the rematch of last year's WDF game.

Riders recover fumble deep in B.C. territory and it looks like they will get first lead.