Watch out for Edmonton, Riders!

Defensive end's punishment lasts five minutes but makes lasting impression

A fire was lit under Braidwood's ass, and we'll be getting Shannon Garrett back. Plus some of our other guys are looking good.

(I'm curious why Comiskey isn't going to Regina, though.)

Oh no Braidwood :stuck_out_tongue: The riders better Watch out, maybe even focus on him :roll: :roll:

oh my god!!! an AGING Garrett!! ouch, that’s BAD!!

damn we may as well fold the ship now! :frowning: :roll:

I must say thats its a honor to have Eskimo fans in our stands at Mosaic.

It was week 5 in the 07' "Miracle Season". I was hurriedly trying to purchase a bevy before the 3rd quarter kickoff last game. An Eskimo fan noticed my plight and not only did he let me cut in line, he purchased my drink. Also, the Riders made the Eskimos disappear, nothing short of amazing!

To address this post, I dont think the Riders will share the charitable and friendly attitude displayed by the Eskimo fan. Ray is going to find it very tough to move the ball all day. While Josephs offence is competeing against a burnt out Eskimo defence. Eww burnt Braidwood ass hair...


We'll also have Gass in the line-up... but if you guys want to take us lightly, go for it. :smiley:

I dont think this game will be the blowout it was last time around. This game will be a lot closer, with the difference being a touchdown or less. I still think the Riders will win, just not by 40 pts.

Hey Sambo42...where are your seats again? Guess its just an opinion on your part, and I respect it, but I propose a little friendly competition. Ive never actually seen anyone eat his words and would be happy if you obliged upon a blowout. Just bring some newspaper you can shove in ur mouth and I'll do the same.

What criteria allows you to rule out a blowout? I know the Esks have had time to adjust, but this is a weaker Edmonton team than in week 5. Also the Riders quick strike ability has improved since then. If you look at the scoring summary from week 5 you'll notice our special teams unit outscored the Eskimo team.

Now I ask, do you still maintain this veiwpoint???

I look for the Eskimos to implode and will not likely be eating my words in section 104, post game. A blowout constitues 21 pts advantage. Do you agree? Dont forget your newspaper!!


…it was universally agreed to last year by many members fo the forum that a three TD lead or more constitutes a ‘blow-out’…or a$$spanking or humiliation ala Kenny vs. Spenny or whatever else you want to call it…

Someone gave you pi-ss in your cornflakes this morning, CFLgame?

And if the game is tied at the end of overtime, if it comes down to a helmet toss, the Riders will be in real trouble.

anyone can make a story, so mine is the same but just reverse the team names :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahah....funniest 2 posts Ive ever read....ever! Kepp it coming boys. And are you down for the wager sambo42??? Just for fun of course. Oh forget it, we will see wont we?


The score will be 30-14. For the Riders.

LMFAO! :lol:

Sadly, like Calvillo in MTL, our QB is screwed at this time. But we're even worse. At least MTL has been looking better with a win streak thanks to the efforts of Cahoon and others, and pressure will eventually force Popp to let AC go back to play calling. Here, Macocia is not going to be able to let Ray do something similar. I dunno why Chapdelaine decided to burn the nice playbook he had in BC, but he inexplicably after the first few games has gone to the dumb things that happened here last season, particularly these two:

  • Run game not properly developed (yes, McClendon is conditioned good for the screen plays, but while Ebell is injured, have McClendon get the reps on the handoff!)

  • Ray told to pass for short yardage when long yardage is needed

  • Plays that are called take too long to develop (O-line asked to hold for too long, which will cause penalties)

I recall a fan stating that he noticed AC was looking disgusted at the plays thrown his way, Ray tends to be too composed to let a similar frustration show, but I have to believe he's about tired of the play calling thats been dogging him since late '05. I was happy earlier in the season when they were doing some right things, and its not like Ray can't score with 14 TDs to his credit already. But Rider fans can be confident that until we get a real playbook, Edmonton offensively at least, isn't a threat right now.

By all means we should have blown out Toronto last week then right? Im confident we have a better team than Edmonton, but this is the CFL and anyone can beat anyone on a given day.

Confidence in your team is one thing, cockiness is another. I hope this is not the attitude the players have, but I think Kent has them thinking straight still.

Well it will be interesting, the Riders now have 17 players on the injury list! The oline will be interesting to watch.

I said it in another post and I will say it again. I do believe that the Riders will win tomorrow. I have no idea by how much and I don't much care as long as they win. That being said, there are people on here who are talking as though the 2 points have already been awarded and the actual playing of the game is just of formality. If we win great, but if we lose, which is more than possible, those fans are going to have a mighty fine feast of crow just waiting to be eaten. Gene Mac is out which sucks huge for our O-line against a D-line that started the season sucking but has since picked up their game and I am not sure the actual stats, but probably recorded more sacks than the Riders over the last 3 weeks. KJ is going to have to be on top of his game to stay vertical in this one I think. But again, I hopeand believe that the Riders will win, but it is the CFL and anything can happen. Can't wait to go to the game though.... BOO YEAH!!!

Go Riders!!

Kristjan: - Chapdelaine is doing to you guys what he did to us a few years. Check the Lions forum, we were pretty critical a few years ago about his play calling.

I was one of the few that DIDN'T shed a tear when Jacques signed with Edmonton.

While I certainly expect the Riders to win, predicting a blow-out is a fools game.
Anybody can beat anybody on a given day in the CFL, but blowouts are rather unlikely no matter the apparent differences in talent.
I expect the 'Smoes to show up this week, unlike their last trip to Taylor Field.