Watch out for #56 Matt King DE

Watch out for #56 DE Matt King... Check him out on youtube at Matt King LB/DE - UMaine or

He's my brother and and trust me the kid can ball. On the youtube slide he shows his accomplishments and then shows training on while he was at home working out. Check the video and let me know what you think.

In the past Preseason game against Winnipeg he had 3 tackles.

Welcome to

It can be a bit rough for players families on here. I hope you have a thick skin.

I wish you brother all the best.

I had my eye on King to see what he could do at de.
He seemed to be pretty powerful…good some real good push up front, and also made a couple nice stops.

Matt king looked pretty good in camp and in the scrimmage. i didnt see him do much during the pre-season game though.

yes, i've noticed matt.
really good push from the edge, doesn't mind powering up the middle too. did extremely well in crushing the pocket, and then reaching in.
he looked good against winnipeg.
good on your brother!

Yes he did. I noticed him in camp when I went as well.

As Glovesave mentioned, it can get pretty ugly around here, so always look at the source before letting them get to you. :wink:

Welcome to Ticatland.

I wish you Brother Luck Making the Team

Thanks for the post and yes we can deal with the heat we live in Boston which is an area in sports like no other in terms of dealing with pressure and heat from others.

Looks like he's gone!

Sorry - Boston has NOTHING on Montreal when it comes to dealing with pressure from fans. When was the last time a riot broke out in Boston because a hockey player was suspended?