watch my interview with other CFL fans! ADAM JONES

I probably wont be up to much i will be busy with my new team. Gotta win the Grey Cup and take that thing home with me!

this is obviously fake because Jones hasn't officially signed yet.

no friend i'm real. that can't be someone else looking like me, can it? if you're the real Adam Jones why is it that your posting IP site is using a canadian server provider?....Hmmm?....

Maybe he signed in Winnipeg.

And why wouldnt it be him come on guys show your CFL support. Welcome to the CFL Adam Jones look forward to seeing you play!!

until its on every website that posts CFL stories, especially CFL.CA, I will never believe it.

and I find it hard to believe that Pacman Jones knew how to easily access this site, so quicky.

WTF? How hard is to type CFL into Google? It's the very first hit! You seem a little star struck or something and it's putting you into deep denial.

I’ll believe it when he crosses the border


Hahaha well the the video interview convinced me! Plus if it IS still a fake, I have no problem being taken by such a good con job.

Welcome to Canada and the CFL, Mr. Jones. Sorry it had to be Winnipeg... Winnipeg sucks... GO ARGOS!

DID YOU GUYS WATCH THE VIDEO? It's obviously him and he said he signed.

it's FAKE!

the proof has not been presented yet.

What do you mean it's fake? It's obviously him. Do you mean he's joking?

But has he been allowed in the country ?

Tell us how you really feel.

As of today Pacman Jones has not entered Canada. I can not reveal sources but he has not cleared Immigration and has not seen immigration yet.

"Section 19(2)(a.1) of the Immigration Act of Canada states that persons convicted of an offence outside of Canada, that would be an offence under Canadian law, cannot be admitted to Canada. Criminally inadmissable persons can, however, apply for a special permission to enter Canada. This special permission is expressed by a Minister's Permit."

Any person living in the United States who possesses a criminal record and wishes to travel to Canada will need a Ministers Permit. This is valid up to one year. One may also apply for a Rehabilitation. This document is a permanent approval, and allows hassle free border crossing into Canada.
The Canadian Government will look at each application individually. They will consider the following factors:

  1. Nature of conviction
  2. Date of last conviction
  3. Sentencing
  4. Reasons for travel

A Ministers Permit may take up to 6 months for processing. A personal interview may be required at the port of entry nearest the applicant's residence.

Rehabilitation allows lifetime access into Canada. This document never needs to be renewed. A Ministers Permit and Rehabilitation does not permit one to work in Canada. These approvals allow visitation for a period up to 6 months at a time.

Interestingly enough, President Bush had to file for these papers as he has a DUI conviction. He can cross the border until 2004 according to his paper work.

Just to make this clear a criminal record does not even mean a conviction... The only way this guy gets in the country is if some official does not do his job or gets greased.

Jones' agent, Worrick Robinson is quoted in the Winnipeg Free Press as saying:

"Adam is in Atlanta waiting for us to tell him to go to Winnipeg," said Robinson, who declined to make Jones available to the Free Press for a phone interview. "That will take place in the coming days when he gets up there. I can tell you this: Adam is grateful for this opportunity and excited to make the most of it and make it work for everybody involved."
The article also said this:
Robinson said the player will have no trouble clearing the border.
There have been American or European athletes with criminal records who have been able to cross the border to play without waiting 6 months in the past.

Its said that he signed with the UFL??? What???

Why are some of you talking about criminal records? AFAIK he only been convicted of a misdemeanour in the U.S..