Watch CFL in Germany?!

Hey guys,
I've been to Canada last year with a exchange program and since then, I love football. :wink: So how can I watch the CFL games (especially Blue Bombers games) in Germany? One possibility is by CFL Broadcast, but I think I don't have enough bandwith for it. Is there a way to watch it over satellite in Europe?


you tube? the cfl youtube page?


youtube doesn't show entire games unfortunately.

Wow your hard up for football wanting to watch the bummers~}

You could try and watch it through their broadband, but I believe it's only available to Canadian visitors.

I have no idea. But if you do figure it out, post your solution here. I have a brother who just moved to Germany and he's going to be upset if he can't find some way to watch the 'Riders win the Grey Cup! :smiley:

I know, I know, it might not happen. But every 'Rider fan lives in fear that if it does, it will be the one time in their life that SOMETHING prevents them from watching (you know, TV blows up, aliens land and disrupt reception, death).

some people like winners, don't hate...

Ask ro to PVR the games and burn them onto a DVD and mail them to you. He's got nothing but time on his hands. At least this place pretty much runs itself now....

I know that there's the possibility to watch some highlights over , but there are no live games. (not even the whole game)

@green'n'grey: I couldn't figure any possibilty out to watch CFL, but I think there's a Pay-TV-channel dedicated to American Sports and they show the NFL. (and NHL,NBA,MLB)

I don't like the Bombers because they win, I like them because they're from Winnipeg! :stuck_out_tongue:

You can stream it over broadband on the International section (at least you can in the US, no reason to believe it's not also available in Germany). And yes the games are live (if CBC doesn't cut the feed again), but you can also order archived games.

Here in the US we can't get live Friday night games for whatever reason, as they are blacked out.

Click here for the Broadband section, then click on either the TSN or CBC international box.

Hey Da Don, I had the same problem as you, I wanted to watch my NFL team pre season games I downloaded a program from , it's a great program don't have to register to use, all you need is some one to be streaming the game.

In their forums you can request any game you want to see and someone will upload it for you live. I have used it for 2 games so far and it works great.

Hope this helped Good Luck

I would have pm’ed that to him, not sure if that is legal :wink:

Move to winnipeg?

When I was in Munich I watched a Rider's Stamps game on sattelite. The channel was called NASN (North American Sports Network) and I belive it comes with Sentana Sports but I'm not sure.

they show CFL

I already read about NASN, but you have to pay in order to watch it. So I'll try soapcast first, and if it doesn't work very well, I'll think of getting NASN. Move to Winnipeg would be a great idea, but I'm still a student (grade 12 of 13) and so it's hardly possible. Maybe after school. :smiley:
See you!

If you buy a canadian satalite dish or any dish with CBC or TSN you can watch games this year(must have TSN for next year)

same with an american dish that has the many US stations that carry CFL games. However I do not beleive there is CFL games being broadcasted on European stations so broadband is likely your best bet.

Hmmm... interesting.. a game in Paris and in Germany now.. that leads to... CFL Europe! :lol: :lol: