Watch all the negative stories begin as Grey Cup approaches!

Look for plenty of negative crap about the CFL and the Grey Cup this week. Certain anti-CFL propaganda organizations (Rogers Sportsnet, Torstar media, and the CBC (because they are so far up Rogers ass over HNIC)), will be in full force this week.

Best thing you can do is simply ignore it.


Posted 1 hour ago, right on que. A factual story, with nothing new to offer, but timed to kick-off Grey Cup Week. Paul Godfrey just won't give up trying to get his beloved NFL team.

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Today should have been the day Canadian media started to hype the final two teams and our championship.
This article is only designed to turn potential ticket buyers away.
I call this article very unpatriotic.
Yes, the Argos had a bad year all around. At least one team does every year.

Promote the game, promote the events, promote the city.
If Godfrey wants an NFL team, I suggest he move to the USA.

Exactly. We don't need the NFL in Canada, there is nothing wrong with our game, it's the only one left that's Canadian, and frankly I like it.

Good ole Steve Simmons, why TSN pays him to work with Naylor on whatever show it is , maybe TSN Drive , I have no idea. Is the Sun owned by Post Media , as I thought Simmons wrote for them . I don't even know what postmedia is .

I didn't even notice it was Steve Simmons. Yes, Sun and Post Media are the same, as is Paul Godfrey and Rogers. One big unpatriotic media corporation funded in part with American investment $$.

Godfrey and Rogers are the same? What does that even mean?

Yup. The Argo brand is stale. It will take 3 to 7 years to fully rejuvenate it. They need to focus on slow growth, financial stability, and an all-encompassing re-branding. The CFL brand also needs to be in peoples' faces a LOT more, particularly in the Hogtown market on TV shows and movies that people watch. It should be subtly showing up everywhere in the background.

include the National Post in this group all run by Godfrey. They are almost done! there are sell orders everywhere. National Post talks about Argo relevancy in TO, this group of newspapers will have difficulty surviving. There is nothing of value with them. Argos still have a large television audience to build from. If you have any of their stock it would be advisable to get rid of it now, before Grey Cup.

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I should also mention that when you see an "out of work" Post Media reporter under the Gardiner Expressway requesting to wash your car windshield, please forgive them and be generous.

... hit the "go pedal" while he/she is squeegeeing.

Well talking about negative stories this ones a beauty from none other than the "Trash" man talking about of all things the "P!ss" man. Yup , the Stamps just finish off the Lions in blow out fashion in the West Final and the best this hack can come up with is an article about how Drew Tate was randomly chosen for an after game drug test. The "Trash" man then of course takes a not so subtle dig at the Grey Cup and the CFL by intertwining this little gem into the article a Calgary Grey Cup win next Sunday at sparsely -attended BMO field will enter this group into the dynasty conversation.
The article then goes onto to relate how Tate and the P-man travelled back to Tate's house where Tate consumed 3 long necks of 6.2% alcohol beer then drove back to the stadium to provide his sample. Unbelievably cheap shot , Bullshit journalism by this SportsNet Rogers shill.

Tate lives close to the stadium. They went back to the house. The refrigerator opened. One California long neck popped , then a second, then another. The free spirit Texan prefers his brews to have hops and some kick , so the three Lagunitas IPA didn't stand a chance. Once the third beer - with 6.2 % alcohol content in each of em , no less - was drained , Tate's head was right and his bladder full.
He and the P!ssman returned to McMahon. Another sample provided. Crisis adverted.

I have to really shake my head and wonder why 3DownNation would continue to allow this absolute Tool to publish his "Trash" journalism on their site.

Here is the link to the full article : ... est-night/

Fat Slob is creepy as Fhuk.

Finding the negative in anything isn't hard. Every sport has negative articles written about them, the NFL gets ripped like no other and the NHL gets it too. The OP decided to make his first thread, a negative one on the 2016 GC. You could have very easily started a thread about how pumped he is for the GC??/ He's basically looking to play victim...poor me. Who cares what a few people write, it's up to you to be positive.

Today, Simmons in the Sun headlines' Can the CFL Survive in Toronto'....More of the same that we heard all year.

That is the ONLY so-called negative story so far.
But why not talk about the dozens of Positive stories, all you have to do is check out the coverage in the Ottawa Citizen and the Ottawa Sun.

That is NOT the ONLY negative story so far.
I gather you don't think that Trash Madani's article about the P!ssman was in the least bit negative ? I'll re-post it just in case you missed it the first time.

I thought the Madani story was kinda funny. Quirky, light-hearted, the kind of stuff they always report on during Grey Cup week.