Watch 101st Grey in Australia

G'day everyone. I'm a fan of the Ticats down in Australia and was wondering how I can watch the Grey Cup live this year? Last year it was broadcast through ESPN on Australian pay TV but this year they have chosen the Puerto Rican Basketball Tournament instead.....yea...
I searched on the TSN website, looked around with no luck. Anyone got any tips on how I can watch Burris and the Boys next week?

hop on a plane and buy a ticket? lol

if only....

In the past there have been official video stream options for sale to viewers outside of Canada.

I don't know if this link is still valid, but it's somewhere to start:

My son is away at school in Texas and has been watching the games through the internet somehow. He hooks up his laptop to a big screen TV so his dorm room mates can watch as well. He is spending less time explaining the different rules to them as they catch on to the CFL.

Try this, don't know for sure if it is available down under. Try internet searches for live tv streaming down your way.
Good luck mate.

Give this one a go,matey!!!!

So being from Aussie Land you must be a drinking buddy with our kicker,Mr. Bartel or maybe just a neighbour of his :lol:

Haha yeah I know him personally :stuck_out_tongue: Got to admit I only picked up the Canadian game and the Tiger-Cats a couple of years ago but finding out their punter is Australian was bonus. Watching his style there's certainly some Australian football technique in there :wink:
Cheers guys, give these ago when I get the chance.

Are you a footy fan as well? I attended one match in 1981 during my one visit down under and thought it was great fun. Hawthorn beat Collingwood, so I sort of consider the Hawks my team, & glad to see they won the Grand Final this year.

Yea Ofcourse mate! I'm from Adelaide so I'm a Crows fan.
Yea no one likes Collingwood, though I can't say I'm fond of Hawthorn either haha
It is a great game one of the only two decent codes of football :wink:

I agree! I have enough Welsh connections that I'm supposed to like rugby but I can't get into it.

The Magpies were in the midst of their "Colliwobbles" when I saw them, and I've never forgotten the first line of the newspaper story the next day: "All the elements of a Grand Final were there - a record crowd, the sun was shining, and Collingwood lost." :lol:

So I'm just a little curious,how does a guy from Australia even hear about the CFL in the first place??? Let alone become a fan??? and then choose our Ti-Cats as your adopted team,who just by chance have an Aussie connection with Bartel as our kicker(actually 2 connections,sort of with the legendary OZZY as coach :wink: ) I love the fact that you adopted the Cats as your team(is there really any other choice)and welcome aboard mate,but how in the hell did you ever hear of our CFL ???? and what exactly attracted you to it,there's got to be a good story to tell in there for sure.I'm pretty sure that the CFL is probably not watched at all,if ever,down under. I really can't see you walking into the pub on a Friday night and BAM!!!! There it is.....Friday Night Football on the telly!!!! :lol: I could be wrong,but I would think that other league(NFL)would attract more attention than our lesser known,but far superior brand of football over in your part of the lets have it...the story of the Australian Ti-Cat fan....OSKI-WEE-WEE....GO CATS GO !!!!!!! :cowboy:

Great questions bobo, lets here it

Is VOD geo protected? Games used to be posted there a few hours after the final whistle but TSN has been screwing around with their video servers and Games on Demand lately, grr.

They have streamed the GC live the last few years but if that's geo protected it doesn't do you much good.

Well it’s pretty trendy for young men and high school boys around the world to follow North American sports, almost exclusively NFL and NBA, sometimes MLB.
I started with the NFL, hopped on New Orleans when I was 17-18. Got to see them win the Super Bowl, good stuff. Not sure how I got for NFL to CFL, probably surfing Wikipedia. I was instantly interested, lots of factors sparked it at first. Three down football sounded crazy, 8 teams. The team names and jerseys where great too.
As for why I picked the 'Cats? Well the name stood out “Tiger-Cats” is a bit different. My State League (SANFL) Australian football team is the Tigers, same colours and then the real clincher…look up Glenelg Football Club on Wikipedia and you’ll see what I mean :wink:
What’s really good about the CFL from an Australians point is how it seems like a far more intimate affair for fans. The. NFL is big, flashy, with huge name players with bigger personalities. It’s world renowned. It’s huge cities like New York playing Dallas or Chicago vs Miami. Which is great. But something about the Canadian league feels more down to earth, doesn’t take it’s self too seriously. It seems too me to be like the Australian Football League in that sense. It’s also great that really no one else that I know knows anything about it, so the Tiger-Cats are my little thing down here in my corner of the world haha

You had me till 'haha' Thought maybe a riders spy. Enjoy the Cats victory this Sunday!

I had you?
That'd be pretty elaborate wouldn't it?
Will do, hopefully I'll be able to WATCH it too. The other thing I needed to ask is what's a good Canadian beer for the occasion?

Labatt 50!!!
You don't sleep, do you?

JR 6.0

It's 3 in the afternoon in Australia :wink: