Wasthis game enough for everyone to jumpback onto bandwagon?

I'm very interested to know the answer to
this question.

Are we back in business or is this a mirage???

No change for me. We don't stack up well against teams like Montreal and BC who have rushing Ds and QBs who play well when they are given time.

Nice to see us bounce back, but it would have been better to see a W.

i never left this team and id ont have the intentions of doing so

There’s a bandwagon? Where? I didn’t see it. What colour was it?
Must have missed it.

No one is jumping on the bandwagon.

We have played this way all year, except for the short weeks. We are close and competitive but find a way to lose. End of story. New coach = same result!

Was never off the bandwagon.. and being a die hard fan will never be! We have all been frustrated to no end, and this is getting worse every week w/out a 'W'..

There are problems that need to be fixed. I find I only need to read (most) of the posts, then sort thru the "bias" of the different trains of though by different groups of posters and I find what those problems are.

As a collective, we all have good football minds.. the collective thought I now see is,

His "offensive" schemes are "preventing" our beloved Cats from taking growth to the next level (Wins).. once this is fixed HELLO Rich (Buddy Hackett) Stubler, we then fix the next glaring problem & solidify the franchise..

And sniff, I picked Ham/Edm for a pro-line tie (ouch so close).. :wink: DJM

Nothing has changed. Most everyone has recognized that the team is better this year but still not good enough. Last night was a perfect example of that--pretty competitive but not good enough to win, even playing against a very sub-par Ricky Ray.

When this season began, I said I'd be happy with a competitive, entertaining team. They are and so I am. They still have a ways to go but next year, they'll win games like last night.

An Argo-Cat fan

Barneyfife you're right. They ARE more entertaining this year. What would U identify as the teams most glaring problem needing fixing /changing to take progress to the next level?

I've got a neighbor with I shyte you not a back yard full of 6' weeds. He always says he will "get to it" Every morn I wake up to the same disgusting view. Was it not Glen Sather (oilers) that said, "if you are not in the driver seat - the scenery NEVER changes.

You can not stand pat in life or with sports. Or other more creative / hard workin people / teams will pass U. DJM

The only difference this year is that the playoff tickets will be refunded, and there will be a 25% dicount to renew for 2009.

I'm still not comfortable with OBIE.

The trades he's made are less than stellar.
Other teams have improved over the years
because of our choice in GM's.
Tillman is probably a better choice or
any one who is quick at beating other
teams to quality players.
Time will tell,but I'm running out of

Same old, same old.

Horrbile defence, and inconsistent, mistake prome offence.

Dispite the easy, "same ol" criticisms, I have some hope that this coaching change will bring positive results. Take out Printer's brainfarts and Jake's incompetence and we win the game.

dirt: Cut the guy some slack. He only took over a few days ago.Same players as the last game so why would you expect a different result?
Give Bellefeuille a month and then lets see where we are.