wasted points

left 5 points off the board, 2 missed 2 point conversion and going for 3rd and a long yard . Also on the last play let the guy catch the ball and tackle him, game goes to OT as there would be no time left on the clock


Good Teams find a way to win. Bad teams find a way to lose.

Our Cats played one hell of a game...
As a life long Cat fan..I am dam proud of how our guys played.
It was a heartbreaker...and yes there were points we should have gotten.
But the Cats did prove one thing..
They can play with the best.

A sneak when we need a yard would be nice every once in a while...

Agree - for the most part they outplayed the best team in the league and Masoli wasn't even playing as well as last week most of the time. The D was stellar - aside from a couple of plays - but unfortunately that's all it takes against a team like the Stamps.

I’m with you Riley. Missed the first quarter, but thought our guys gave it their best against the top team in the CFL. Again, Mitchell was outplayed, but saved by his defence, althoughthe TSN panel won’t call it that way.

With the season on the line, the Cats came out firing. Hamilton proud for sure!

Save your breath, the whiny babies are not going to see how well the Cats played tonight.

EXACTLY! And that is why we've lost 11 of 15 games AND even as a 'better' team recently after having lost our first 8 games - we have still managed to lose 2 of our last 3 - the two losses being our last two home games. That does NOT happen with 'good' football teams.

We are NOT a good enough team.

You do have a point TravelPat - they SHOULD be winning the home games but have given three of them away with missed plays or bad plays at crucial times. They really need to re-establish their dominance at home and have only one more game in which to do that. If they can't beat the sad sack larks at home then they aren't as improved as many would like to think they are.

Play calling cost us tonight and the Sask game.

This shotgun stuff when we need 1 yard needs to stop. Every other team in the league sneaks.... we don't. 3rd and 1. Throw to tasker in the flat. Same play every week. Calgary saw it coming and jumped it the first 2 times. The other time Masoli missed him.

Glenn picked off and it's run back for a TD putting the OTTRBs ahead by one at the moment. Come ON GREENIES!! Crapigna with his fifth FG of the game to regain the lead.

We are awful ant the 3rd and 1 sneak. Aw-ful.

I don't mind the shotgun formation, but it's becoming too regular a thing.

I'd also like to see Prime carry it once in awhile in that situation. Has to be the only FB in the league who never gets the ball.

In 2017, Cats are the latter and are deservedly out of playoffs.

Bad team / Good team. Anyone think the 2017 Cats can drive the field with 40seconds left, starting on their own 30yd line and score a FG or single to win????? No way Jose! But a good team can and does! Were they toying with the Cats?

Well labour day they drove for a td. Sask game they drove down to the 1 and Jones lost his mind on a play call... BC we did drive for a game winning FG. That s 3 in 7 weeks...

Team game. Lots of plays that could have made a difference, including not letting a guy come up main street to block a punt.

Too many facts, Crash...spoils a good story