Wassup with Tony the Tiger?

Anyone know the status of Tony Miles?

What is the nature of his injury? When will he be back?

Lord knows we need a go to guy who knows where to be on the field when our QBs are under pressure.

Hamstring problem, hopefully back for this week..

Hamstings can be trick
Fine one day then bad the Next ..
Stubler thought Miles was Soft and could play threw pain .

I guess he was right

I read that Stubler said he wanted Tony released

because he misses too many games due to injury

and he wants players who can be ready to go each week.

I doubt Stubler said publicly that Tony
is 'soft' and can't play through pain, Tom,

maybe you have some inside knowledge I don't have.

Thanks for the update guys. :thup:

Well your Right Ron ..
But From what Stubler is Saying.
you Could Read into that he Thinks Miles is soft.