Wasn't Kackert Going To Solve Toronto's Blocking Problems?

The Argos pass protection has gone from bad to worse since Milanovich & Barker decided Chad Kackert was the answer to their problems.

Edmonton without their two best DLinemen and they still hang 4 sacks on Toronto - - the last one Kackert got completely steamrolled. That's six sacks in two games with Kackert compared to twelve in six games with Cory Boyd.

Get rid of the Non-Import garbage on the OLine - - not the RB - - if you want to improve the blocking. I wonder how long it's going to take to figure that one out in Toronto?

Time for Milanovich and Barker to swallow the pride and admit their Canadian OLine is a complete failure and bring in some guys who can play football.

I’m kind of enjoying this. I mean sure I wanted the Argos to do well this year, but last year everyone in the media and quite a few people on the Internet were screaming that the problem was entirely at QB. “Get a better QB and this team will be great!”

Well hey, they went and got a QB. Team’s still not great. Turns out that maybe the other 11 guys on the field matter? :cowboy:

Still , wayyyy better than last year's team.

Can't expect the QB to do much without an OLine that can block. Argos replaced their top three OLinemen from last year with a bunch of NI rejects:

C Dominic Picard - - Allowed to leave as a FA
LT Ed Coughman - - Deported for legal troubles
G Cedric Gagne Marcoux - - Inexplicably benched

It's such a simple part of putting together a football team - - you need a good OLine to protect the QB. For some reason Milanovich & Barker aren't able to understand this.

Maybe Tillman was willing to give Ricky Ray to Toronto because he knew Barker was too dense to know how to build an offence around Ray.

I think they figured they could "coach" success into them. Typical mistake of a rookie HC and Barker had nowhere to go. There isn't a GM that will trade quality NI linesmen to another team.

Or Milanovich is trying to hard to make the Argos an exact replica of Montreal. Same scheme...same All Canadian OLine...same finesse type RB. Either way, it's a terribly short sighted approach.

As far as trading for a non import OLineman, Toronto already tried that and came away with Marc Parenteau - - a career back up. The only real hope for Toronto to get a decent NI OLineman is to trade a top Canadian in exchange. Which would be either Foley or Durie. Nobody's going to deal for Spencer Watt.

Kackert got beat a lot, at least he had some catches and scored a TD..helped my fantasy team!

the Argos are still 4-4 we will start with that.
Also we need to remeber why Edmonton traded Ray in the first place. His Salary. As long as the Cap stays this low teams will go lagrely incomplete. I am sure they would have loved to sign Picard but someone had to go to cover Rays salary.
Edmonton now has an awsesome team but no QB.
Whats going to happen to the BC Lions when Lulays contract is up what corners will they have to cut to re sign him.
What has happen in Montreal they have been able to largely keep their Offence in tact at the cost of their defense. They were able to replace Cobourne with a cheaper Whitaker. I am not sure what Whitaker contract status is but if he needs to be resigned and Calvillo is still playing Richardson will most likely go as they already are working Green, London, and Bratton to take up that slack.
The low cap was much needed to clean up the financial mess at the time but the CFL is going to really have to play some hardball when it comes to the next TV deal.

It is all about the Money and how much each team has to spend and where they decide to spend it on.
Montreal had to do what it had to at the time with the O Line but they do have an impressive young LT in Tony Washinton which is a nice cost efficient addition. They also have a similar kind of situation with the Waterloo basketball player turned RT coming back after spending 3 years in the states honing his skills.
So i think they sit pretty nicely right now at 4-4 with the possibility that Rambo can be that missing go to receiver over the last 6 games and into the playoffs.
One nice thing about the CFL is there is an 18 game season and that 3 out of 4 teams make the playoffs