hi guys,
Is it safe to assume that the mens washrooms on the west side are not finished and that's why we are using the womens washrooms?

Just curious

Nah, the ladies just wanted to try out the trough before it got too icky...

The serious answer is that they have some washrooms that can go either way (oops maybe not said in a serious way :lol: ). At events when the male crowd (football) is usually in the majority they are shown as male washrooms. At events (concerts) where there might be more women present than men they are shown as female.

Now if I could only discover the difference between Scottish (with the symbol of person wearing a kilt) and non-Scottish (with the symbol of someone wearing pants) I would be ahead of the game. :oops:

so there are mens washrooms on the west side with urinals?

most guys don't know the diff between toilets and urinals anyhow.

just pee in a cup like the players do on the sideline :stuck_out_tongue:

IIRC someone with the team (Bob Young?) said so in this forum. The only men's room I've personally found on the West Side is the interchangeable type.

(Sorry for my weak attempt at humour earlier. Any talk of bathrooms obviously brings out the worst in me.) :oops:

GF dragged me to a Justin Timberlake concert at the Air Canada Centre a few years ago, and I’m pretty sure they temporarily switched some of the male washrooms there to female for the event.

Of course there are. Don't listen to the buffoons.

On the Eastside where is the Big Screen Tv and sound as the speakers are there?! This way we don't miss anything :thup:

But.....as I like to ask...... have the washrooms been painted yet?????? :wink:

Are there " family " accessible washrooms were we can help members of the family of both genders who have mobility issues?

Yes, there are.

I haven't seen family washrooms open yet.
If my wife finds out I sent my 5 year old daughter in the bathroom by herself, I'm mud!
Don't tell her. She loves the independence though and wants to go every 5 mins..ugh! :x

Good to know...obviously the men's washroom above 105 is a womens that has been labeled men's for now...
I guess the real men's must be further down



I must be weird because I've gone to well over 300 Ticat games in my life and have never used the washrooms. It's only a 3 hour game, maybe 4 if OT occurs, the bladder is supposed to be emptied every 4-6 hours, if you go before you go to the game, you should be able to hold it or not even feel the urge to go until you're home.

That depends on how far away home is!! Some fans come from out of town.

And all those beers and drinks have to go somewhere, some sooner than you think.

as Old Fan mentions in his reply (re-worded of course) "you only rent beer". :frowning:

As you get older (as he and I are, obviously) you'll find that the washroom is your new best friend (at least you will see more of it than what had been your best friend up until then). It seems bladders shrink with age (actually your prostate increases in size and puts the pressure on). :wink:

You had to bring up the age thing, Mike. LOL

I keep that line about renting beer in mind when I've been at the stadium. It also applies to coffee, I think.

Amazingly, I recall few times when I had to use the washroom at Ivor Wynne (mostly because they were so crowded and the wait too long at half time). But, what a relief when I got home. Sorry, too much information??