Washington NFL Team to review their name

Looks like the Washington team might rebrand under a different name.

Takes sponsors to apply pressure.


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It's about time. I lived there 7.5 years. There is no place with more sanctimonious hypocrites than there. They beyond the politicians believe they are entitled to dictate the standard to everybody else here in the US, yet do they live by their own rules ever? No.

I left for good in 2005 when my adopted hometown simply was not fun any more and the local population took a turn for the worse just about everywhere along with the traffic.

I had have had this before I became a fan of the rival Eagles in 2006 as my second team and 2015 as my team even before moving back here.

That name is actually derogatory compared to Eskimos.

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Yes. The difference between the two is staggering. The Washington's team name is truly a flat out slur (talks directly about physical appearance), and just in case if anyone was hoping it would be something else, the logo speaks volumes. (ugly volumes). The Eskimo name has none of those issues.

On a side note, the Washington team in question's owner vowed to never change the name. Funny how things change when DC refuses to build them a stadium on the old RFK site until the name is changed, and sponsors have threatened to withdraw also. Its amazing how money seems to make people look at things differently . :wink:

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Even though the change might be a good thing, I still feel it won't address and eliminate racism all together.

Having actual conversations with each other might scale it back.

Dan Snyder is THE WORST NFL owner too and the most hated as well - he's behind Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys in fact.

You ought hear about the founder and original owner of that team George Preston Marshall, who was the last owner to allow black players on his team and was opposed by even the federal government. The team only in the past few weeks removed him from their Ring of Honour.

Oh believe me, knowing their crap fans, changing the team name will expose some of their hot air and remind them of it for years to come. Many of that Beltway lot in the Washington DC area have favoured a change too though not enough to make it happen. Most go about as if they are politicians though they are not on any ballot anyway.

I just read this; "The current logo, proposed by Walter Wetzel, a former Blackfeet tribal chairman and past president of the National Congress of American Indians, was introduced in 1972 and is modelled after the likeness on the Buffalo nickel.

Seems like back in the 70s the Natives didn't mind being called Indians and one of their bosses was OK with the name and logo. Only recently has it become offensive to some. See a pattern here ?... Next comes that very same Buffalo nickel and then the Chicago Black Hawks, who have the nicest looking logo in sports IMO.

Well this just in about an hour ago. Finally the team in Washington will abandon the old name and caricature. As for the colour scheme, I am not sure why it is also "news" that they keep it. No one I have ever met asked for that to change as well.

And now for another bit of history from Washington DC long forgotten by many but the locals at the time like me!

In 1995, with various local propaganda to pander the dumb idea along the lines of anti-violence, the Washington Bullets had a fake contest to have their name changed. The locals were led to believe they had voted.

The winning name of the fake contest, which given the other names like Sea Dogs most locals like me suspected was fake, was Wizards.

Now in 1995, with plenty of political correctness going around and plenty of hot air from various elected politicians to the rest of the country about what was and was not appropriate only 3 years after the riots in Los Angeles mind you, well now not a damn peep about the name of the NFL team!

In my experience such was typical aloofness and hypocrisy of those locals.

This has been a memory of local Washington DC history.

Finally, only after recent events and major sponsors like Fedex turned on the heat, did the owner move along eh!?

Are you saying that you suspect that wizards are fake?

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I am a wizard at some games.

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Can you share a bit also about your hats, staffs, and wands sir?


Speaking of "wizards,"
since 2010 and during my time in this fine forum,
but not so much here,
let's say I have run into more folks who "did not quite make it to Mordor" than in any prior decade.

Looks like Redskins will be retired tomorrow

Will they have a new name or be the Washington Football Club for now?

Still think they should call them the Redskin Potatoes. Or maybe just Potatoes.

The best recommendation I saw for that sorry team and town so far was the Washington Tafts, which would be named appropriately for our fattest president ever.