Washington At Tampa

Anyone see the Washington at Tampa game
120 yards of total offence for Washington in todays game
GEEZE talk about no fun league

.....offense probably wasn't pulling their weight because they're unionized..... :mrgreen:

Plus the Defence is non-unionized so they were trying harder

It's managements fault!

If the offence was unionized and the defence wasn't it would be 22 players versus 11 with the receivers not blocking because it's not their job but the linemans.

lol.....you win roughy.....

Yeah, somehow I knew that the Skins would come out of this one. Chris Simms was bound to fail at one time or another, and it came at the end with the interception. The Buccs defense came up with no turnovers, and that was probably the difference of the game!

I felt like actually talking about some of the game, instead of making fun of the NFL. Sure, it is worse, but it's still football. . . .

no comment, worst game ever.

ummmm worst game ever was your comment.

People here in D.C are shocked that they beat Tampa. I was at a bar near Georgetown (a rather upper-class snooty area in DC) and their reaction to the win was rather calm, probably because they won with little offense. I think that the Skins have a good chance of beating the Seahawks, but they better get their offense together.

Everyone has a chance to win their games but in this case I beleive the game belongs to the hawks. Home field advantage and the weather sucks, I mean it sucks in the winter here on the wet coast.



(Sportsmen falls off the couch he was sleeping on)

Is the game over?


Nothing.....why drag me into this? I think it was stupid of you to make that comment saying you were making no comment, too.....

Thought you just wanted to join in on the fun, and say something like...

IT'S A NEW CAR!!!!!!

By the way, there's something that needs to be underlined from the Redskins - Bucs game:

At one point, a Washington defensive player spitted on Michael Pittman's face... and Pittman did not throw his helmet at the guy nor at any kid standing nearby (had it been any on the field). I wanted to point that out. I hope Bashir was watching...