Was yesterday game a test for new options?

Was yesterday a day to test new options? I was just wondering? We started glenn, bradley, and james.)
NOw the first one I think was an improvement. Glenn over porter. Glenn looked great out there, But the receivers was killing him with all the drop passes.

Now let go with james over davis? I know last game davis had a few drops or two but james looked like he couldn't catch a pass if he had a glue suit on. So to me I think that was a down grade.

and bradley over gordon? Bradley had an interception but after that it went all down hill with the poor coverage, the mistackles and all the falling down. To me Gordon a better man for that job.

SO and all beside the great effort glenn put in, I think you can clearly place the lost last night on james with all the drop passes and bradley with the poor coverage and tackling that lead to 2 touchdowns.

I was once told if it's not broke why try to fix it? And yesterday game porter was broke, but davis and gordon haven't played bad enough to where i see that they needed to be place on the bench for james and bradley.

Let me know what you think?

And was it the receivers fault for the 2 ints that Glenn also threw?