Was there ever really any doubt? Buono Coach of the Year..

you could really see this coming from miles (and months) away..

ya knew he'd win it. this really was a no brainer.

Yes, congrats to him, not an easy task to play in the Grey Cup when you're hosting and then even win it.

No doubt at all, very deserved. Talk about going out on top of your game. Well done Wally :thup:

Well deserved. And anti-climactic. lol

Talk about riding out in the sunset. Wally's nightmare start to the season seams like ages ago now. Congrats to him, well deserved.

Who's knows, we may see him on the sideline again some day.

Ya no suprise, and well deserved.

Why do they wait sooooo long after the season is over to announce?

No surprise here. Very suitable way for him to end his coaching career. Congrats to him.

Exactly, team starts slow, fire the Coach (Which most GM's do.....see NHL) and replace the Coach with the GM.